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The Amplicomms BigTel 1500 has good volume levels and this BigTel 1502 twin pack is a great option for anybody who would like an easy to use cordless landline phone within their home. Particularly useful for any senior user as the phone is really simple to use and with the extra handset you can have another phone within reach.

Designed for comfort and practicality, this is an entry level cordless phone with good clear sound and an extra loud ring of up to 90dB. There are also three direct dial memory buttons so you can reach family and friends with ease.

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The Geemarc CL100 is designed to help those with a high frequency hearing loss, a problem affecting up to 95% of hearing impaired people. Those with high-frequency hearing loss cant hear sounds like “st” and “ch”, so words like stair and chair sound like air. Just increasing the volume doesn’t always help because it amplifies all frequencies.

The Geemarc CL100 telephone features a built-in sound equalizer that selectively increases the volume of high or low frequency sounds. This equaliser should help those with a high-frequency hearing loss.

In our view the Geemarc CL100 (or CL1100) has a sharp sound and good level of amplification and induction T coupler – one of our most popular phones.

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The BigTel 1202 is a cordless telephone twin pack that includes a main handset with base station (BigTel 1200) and an additional handset (BigTel 1201) with charging station. Ideal for multi user households or simply more than one telephone within your home, the BigTel ring has good volume levels and is much simpler to use than the PowerTel range.

This is an entry level cordless phone twin pack and each handset has good clarity and an extra loud ring volume of 80dB.

  • Amber backlight and large backlit keys
  • Amplified volume 30dB/Extra loud ring 80 dB
  • Hearing Aid Compatibility
  • Visual alert for incoming call
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The Phoneplus PL51 telephone amplifier is a discreet, stylish, battery-operated device that connects between the base unit and handset of most corded handset telephones. It can be left connected when no volume or tone boosting is needed without affecting the performance of your telephone. The Phoneplus automatically switches “on” when the handset is lifted and switches “off” when the handset is replaced.

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The PowerTel M7510-3G is a compact flip phone with a nice range of features, including a camera which can take both photos and video.

An unusual but handy function is the option to schedule power on/off times for the phone so you can set it to automatically turn itself off at night time, to save battery.

  • Easy to use with large illuminated buttons which are ideal for anybody with limited dexterity
  • High-resolution LCD display 
  • Extra-loud volume
  • SOS button 
  • M4/T4 hearing aid compatible
  • Bluetooth Version 3.0 

The M7510-3G is a nice design with a very large and clear external display. It has some good features and a good volume level with a boost button.

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Designed for comfort and ease of use, the Swissvoice Xtra 1110 is a straight forward phone with big easy to press buttons as well as an extra loud receiver volume of up to +30dB.

The Swissvoice Xtra 1110 has 6 photo memory buttons which you can customise with photos of family or friends for quick and easy dialling at the push of a button. There is also an SOS label for anyone who would like to use one of the photo buttons for an emergency contact. Photo buttons can also be useful for anyone who suffers from memory loss.

The large keypad is made up of easy to press buttons which is a nice feature for anyone with limited dexterity and they also have large Braille dots, which is useful for someone with limited vision.

The handset volume can be adjusted (4 levels) and the audio boost key means that the receiver volume can reach up to 30dB. There is also a high quality hands free function which is handy for anyone who struggles to hold the receiver for long periods at a time.

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Save 20% with this Care and Cleaning Kit!

Kit contains the following:

  • Pack of 30 hearing aid thin tube nylon cleaning wires – they thread through tubing removing moisture & debris
  • Oto-fresh Cleansing & Drying Beaker with basket
  • Oto-Fresh Cleansing Tissues – Pack of 50 sachets
  • Oto-fresh drying capsules – pack of 4
  • Oto-fresh hearing aid vent cleaner
  • ReSound Thintube and SureFit Thintube Cleaning Wire SINGLES