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The Amplicomms BigTel 1580 Combo has good volume levels and this combo is a great option for anybody who would like the security of a corded landline phone coupled with the mobility of a cordless handset. Particularly useful for any senior user as the phone is really simple to use and with the extra handset you can have another phone placed conveniently within the home.

Designed for comfort and practicality, this is an entry level combo with good clear sound and an extra loud ring of up to 90dB. There is also an integrated answering machine as well as three direct dial memory buttons so you can reach family and friends with ease.

  • One-touch audio-boost on handset side (+35dB)
  • Extra loud ringers (up to 90dB)
  • Answering machine with up to 30 minute call time
  • Call block function with a dedicated key and an automatic mode: up to 100 entries!
  • 3 direct memory keys (M1, M2, M3)
  • Large high quality full graphic display
  • Hands-free function
  • Ergonomic big button keypad
  • Visual ringer LED
  • Hearing Aid Compatible
  • Blue backlit display
  • Earpiece volume control (5 levels)
  • Up to 3 additional handsets can be added

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The BST-80 can be used to stream your music playlists from your phone or tablet via Bluetooth during the day, and your Sound Oasis Therapy Pro App sounds at night, to help provide you with the best sounds for relaxing and sleeping during your travels or at home.

This sleep sound machine comes with a built-in micro SD card that is fully-equipped with 20 Sound Oasis sleep sounds and can also be loaded with pre-made playlists from extensive libraries on You can create a custom sound card from the Sound Oasis sounds library to get the exact mix of sounds you prefer.

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The Wake’n’Shake Curve is physically smaller than the original Wake’n’Shake and is easier to use, however it doesn’t have the telephone alert feature.

The Wake ‘n’ Shake Curve is a really attractive, modern clock. It is easy to use and has great features for deaf and hard of hearing people. The ability to charge a USB device is handy.

The Wake’n’Shake Curve has a built-in USB charging socket on the back, allowing you to charge smart phones and other electronics (mobile phone not included!).

This clock is easy to set up and use, with clearly labelled buttons on the top.

It has a very good vibration and very loud sound. The clock has a particularly large digital display with numbers approx. 46mm tall. There is a 3 stage dimmer so you aren’t disturbed by the screen at night. There is also an integral bright LED light which can be set to flash for a visual alarm.

The modern and stylish Wake ‘n’ Shake Curve digital alarm clock has a bright and clear, large display and can wake you with sound, flashing light or a vibrating pad. It also has a USB phone charge socket.

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This premium high quality headset has been specially adapted by Connevans as suitable to be used with hearing aids with a T loop program.

With microphone and USB technology providing you with clear digital sound quality, you can benefit from premium sound in a variety of digital environments. This headset is great for use with Skype, Zoom, Teams calls and online gaming.

  • Excellent loop strength and volume (up to 10 times higher inductive output than other hearing aid compatible headsets and capable of meeting the signal strength recommendations of EN60118-4)
  • Inline volume control and mute buttons for microphone and listening
  • Ideal for chatting & telephony applications including Teams, Zoom and other virtual meetings
  • Great for online gaming sessions
  • Full stereo sound
  • Comfortable design that features adjustable headband and soft ear cushions
  • Easy connection directly to your PC – simply plug into a USB port
  • Mic can be turned away if using the headset for listening to music
  • No disturbance to other people in the environment/privacy when using the headset since the earpieces make no sound.
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The Wake ‘n’ Shake Vintage analogue alarm clock boasts a classic clock face but with modern features such as an extra loud alarm (up to 80dB) flashing light display and vibrating bed shaker.

It has a very good vibration and very loud sound. There is a 3 stage dimmer and there is also an integral bright LED light which can be set to flash for a visual alarm – watch our video to see this clock in action!

The Wake ‘n’ Shake Vintage also has a built-in USB charging socket allowing you to charge smart phones and other electronics (mobile phone not included!).

The Wake ‘n’ Shake Vintage is a great, sturdy clock that is loud with a strong vibration. The 3 tones are good and offer noticeable differences as well as the 3 brightness levels – although we wouldn’t recommend for sleepers who prefer a pitch black room as the dimmest light level is still quite bright. An excellent choice for people who prefer analogue clocks. 

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Wi-Safe2 basic system pack – consists of Wi-Safe2 strobe & vibrating pad alert FS1552W2 (W2-SVO-630) and smoke alarm head (W2-WST-630)

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The Combined Strobe and Vibrating Pad respond to wireless signals from the Wi-Safe 2™ (WST-630) smoke alarm when it detects smoke. The strobe will flash and the pad will vibrate.

The red ‘alarm’ LED on the strobe will also illuminate immediately giving the individual an early warning and a better chance of escaping.

The vibrating pad can be placed under a pillow or cushion while the strobe can be wall mounted or laid flat offering greater flexibility.

The strobe also acts as a remote low-level testing device, meaning that when the test button is pressed on the strobe it will activate all alarms in the network.
This ensures that vulnerable individuals will not need to struggle to press the test.

The WST-630 smoke alarm has been designed to give the earliest possible warning of fire via a network of wireless interlinked smoke alarms. It incorporates the groundbreaking Thermoptek™ technology, which provides responsiveness to all fire types in one alarm. Thermoptek™ technology combines the very latest in optical sensing with thermal enhancement, providing fast reaction to both slow smouldering and fast flaming fires in a single alarm.

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An electromechanical carbon monoxide alarm for use in buildings fitted with gas boilers or fireplaces.

This life saving device alerts the user to the presence of deadly carbon monoxide gas.

The alarm is battery powered and incorporates an LCD display screen which constantly shows the present CO levels and ambient temperature readings.

  • Tested in an approved laboratory in the UK to ensure full compliance to EN50291-1:2010
  • Up to 7 years working life span from first power up
  • LCD display shows the particle sampling count, ambient temperature and battery level
  • Memory function for CO peak count in the last 24 hours
  • LED status indicators; green for power, amber for fault and red for alarm
  • Battery powered to allow the unit to remain functional in the event of a power cut
  • Warning: this apparatus should be installed by a competent person and is to be installed according to the manufuacturers instructions

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Sonumaxx 2.4 Pocket Receiver Neckloop System for hearing users using their loop programme.

With a hi adjustable loop drive, the Sonumaxx PR 2.4 PR System from Humantechnik has exceptionally clear audio reproduction and high-quality sound – reliable and free of background noise. 

This system is ideally suited for people who find the TV not loud enough and wear a hearing aid with a loop programme. When using this system the listening volume is independent of the TV volume.

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The Sonic Shaker vibrating travel alarm clock is a particularly attractive vibrating travel alarm clock with good vibration.

The clock is very easy to set and use, with vibrate only, beep only or vibrate with beep modes.

It is supplied with a smart fabric protective travel pouch for easy packing. When the display is closed, this clock has a slimline profile so you hardly notice it when it’s under your pillow.

In one’s view, this is a really nice travel clock with the strongest vibration and good design.

This is a recommended choice and is one of the most popular travel clock. This clock is also very suitable for those working shifts wishing not to wake the whole house with the sound of an audible alarm clock.

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The Signolux Visual Alert system is a flexible and expandable alerting system, easy to customise. It has a choice of 15 chime sounds with an adjustable volume of up to 90dB and a bright strobe light.

The wireless Signolux chime operates up to 200m from the bell push and the receiver has 8 different indicators meaning that you can be alerted to different events within the home by adding different transmitters to the system.

In the opinion of the evaluation panel, the Signolux performs very well with a good loud sound, clear visual indication and bright strobe. The opportunity to expand the system with extra transmitters is where the Signolux comes into its own.

The doorbell push that is included in this system can be used at either the front or back door, or works well as a personal call button.

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