Emporia SMART.6 Hearing Aid Compatible Easy to Use Advanced Smartphone

Emporia SMART.6 Hearing Aid Compatible Easy to Use Advanced Smartphone

Another new phone addition to the shop: https://shop.irishdeaf.com/emporia-smart-6-hearing-aid-compatible-easy-to-use-advanced-smartphone

The Emporia SMART.6 is a hearing aid compatible, Android 5G Smartphone that is uniquely designed to be easy to use by older generations who want to take a step towards interacting with modern technology.

The Emporia magnetic Smartcover (included) is a unique accessory. The protective case opens like a book, and its front is equipped with four buttons that can each be assigned a different function. This means the functions you have selected for these buttons can be used even when the cover is closed. 

Key Features:

  • Loud handset and ringtone volume
  • WhatsApp, Google Playstore, Browser – easily video call family and friends to keep in touch
  • Android 13 operating system
  • Front and Back Cameras
  • Nano SIM card
  • Emergency button option – rings out to chosen family & friends in case of an emergency
  • Emporia Smartcover included to allow easy access for answering calls but also locking the phone
  • Large Screen with text that is easy to read
  • Charging cradle included – USB C cable (no UK mains plug included)
  • Vibrating alert option for notifications
  • Easy to press touchscreen – a long press is required for each button, this helps to reduce accidental calls/messages or pressing the wrong button
  • Bluetooth and M4/T4 Hearing Aid Compatible
  • Micro SD card slot (max 256GB)
  • SIM card type – single Nano SIM

In the opinion of one evaluation panel, this is a well designed and easy to use smartphone. It has the usual features you’d expect on a smartphone: front and back cameras, Bluetooth, access to apps – with added features such as large text and a simple user-interface. The smartcover is a very clever idea and will be really useful for people who are new to using a touch-screen phone – it can also be kept on when using the charging cradle which is great. A recommended choice.

Contents: 1 x 5G Smartphone, 1 x Li-ion battery 4900mAh, 1 x Smartcover, 1 x type-C USB cable (USB PSU is not included), 1 x charging cradle, 1 x SIM ejector tool, 1 x user guide