We have a new ISL Basic course starting on Monday 26th June 2023 at 5:30pm

Irish Sign Language Basic/Level 1 Course – Evening Classes – Live Sessions Online via Zoom Meetings

Book your place at: https://shop.irishdeaf.com/live-sessions-online-basic-level-1-course-evenings

6 classes for €139 – includes a free access to Online ISL Basic

Further details at: www.irishdeaf.com/sign-language-classes/#live-sessions-online-for-basic-level-1-course-evening-classes

A special offer on ISL Communication Book for only €13.61! (€30.00)https://shop.irishdeaf.com/irish-sign-language-communication

ISL Communication comprises of Unit 1 and 2. It is the first of a continuing series of books equipped with pictorial, written and correlating recorded presentations in Irish Sign Language.

The range of study aids provided in these series facilitates the learning of ISL within the classroom setting.

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Updated: A reminder before the closing date in 2 weeks time!

Design a new logo for Irish Deaf.com

1st Prize in association with IDC/17TVS – €300

WeTransfer your designs to [email protected].

We, at IDC, would like to announce to everyone in the Deaf/Hard of Hearing communities that we are now in the process of creating a new image for IDC. As a result of taking this step forward, we are now advertising a new logo design competition which represents the beliefs and values of IDC. Now is a good time to replace our logo which was last changed ten years ago to showcase our business identity with a clean, original brand that reflects our image.

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New Irish Sign Language course is starting from Tuesday 27th June at 7:00pm for 1 hour.

Free access to Online Basic ISL is included as part of this course.

Reserve your place with a €20 deposit at: www.irishdeaf.com/sign-language-classes/#isl-basic-level-1

It is a 6 weeks course for Basic ISL with an option to study for a full Level 1 certificate if you wish to continue after the Basic ISL course is completed.

The classes will be taking place at Macro Community Resource Centre, Dublin.

Another new addition to our range of amplified telephones: https://shop.irishdeaf.com/amplicomms-bigtel-1580-voice-cordless-landline-telephone-with-answering-machine-and-call-blocker-for-seniors

The Amplicomms BigTel 1580 Voice has good volume levels and is a great option for any person who would like an easy to use cordless landline phone with an answerphone within their home. 

Designed for comfort and practicality, this is an entry level cordless phone with good clear sound and an extra loud ring of up to 90dB. There is also an integrated answering machine as well as three direct dial memory buttons so you can reach family and friends with ease.

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New addition in bundle pack: https://shop.irishdeaf.com/ibell2-mobile-phone-alert-and-vibrating-pad-bundle-dark-silver

The iBell2 informs you about missed calls and shows every ring of your mobile phone with blue running lights. The light goes off when the signal has been confirmed.

The iBell2 gets triggered by the vibration of the mobile phone. The vibration alerting for incoming calls and messages must be activated within the phone settings.

This bundle also includes a 40CLTFVIB vibrating pillow pad, for night time use.

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