An amplified cordless telephone with built in answering machine and hearing aid compatibility. 

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The AmpliDECT 295 is a stylish amplified cordless phone with an adjustable receiver volume of up to 30dB! It is a good choice for anybody with a hearing loss and with both adjustable speaker and ringer volumes.

In the opinion of our evaluation panel, this is a well designed phone with a good sound quality. It does not have a tone control, which means that although it has a good level of amplification, the bass/treble cannot be adjusted to suit your particular hearing loss. Having said that, it is excellent value for money, particularly considering the answerphone facility which is useful for many people.

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A spare/replacement Sonic Alert & Geemarc 12V dc bed vibrator –

This vibrator is compatible with the following Sonic Boom clocks: SBA475 analogue alarm, SB200 bedside alarm, SBD375 dual alarm, SBH400 pink sweetheart alarm, SBS550BC skull alarm and the SBB500 Sonic Bomb alarm. Also compatible with the Geemarc Wake’n’Shake alarm clocks purchased after January 2010, Wake’n’Shake Star and the Wake’n’Shake Curve. Also for use with the Amplicall 100 wireless receiver.

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New addition:

The S4 is a smartphone designed for the times we live in. Not only is it compact and easy to use, but it also incorporates new features which are especially useful when we all need to be extra vigilant.

The very latest NFC technology (Near Field Communication) allows the phone to be used for contactless payment which is an important contribution to greater personal safety in these times of social distancing. In addition, the S4 has a QR scanner pre-installed which makes it perfect for track and trace logging and a handy Magnifier app that is the perfect helper when you leave your glasses behind.

The 5 inch, high resolution, touch screen is perfect for carrying out all tasks, and the 13 megapixel main camera and 5 mp front camera are ideal for having video calls with friends and family using the pre-installed WhatsApp.

It is also IP54-certified (dust and splash-proof), has a replaceable battery and, like all emporia phones it has an emergency button on the back, but this can be covered by a second back panel if not needed.

The S4 also comes with our unique detailed training book which shows users how to confidently master their smartphone, learning at their own pace and using new features like contactless payments. This training book clearly outlines everything you need to know with regards to using a smartphone, with fantastic FAQ’s and hints and tips to help you become really confident with the technology. This is an excellent introduction to smartphones, apps and how to use them.

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New product added:

The Emporia SMART.5 is a hearing aid compatible, Android 4G Smartphone that is uniquely designed to be easy to use by older generations who want to take a step towards interacting with modern technology.

It is supplied with a unique 135 page training book that clearly outlines everything you need to know with regards to using a smartphone, with fantastic FAQ’s and hints and tips to help you become really confident with the technology. This is an excellent introduction to smartphones, apps and how to use them.

The emporia Smartcover (included) is a unique accessory. The protective case opens like a book and its front is equipped with four buttons that can each be assigned a different function. This means the functions you have selected for these buttons can be used even when the cover is closed. Even better, these buttons cannot be pressed accidentally and cause you to make ‘pocket calls’, because they’ll only respond to the capacitive voltage of your skin.

The Smart.5 is also supplied with a charging cradle which is great for people who struggle to plug in charging cables. It is easy to slot the phone onto the cradle and if you’re using the Smartcover, this can be left in place.

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New addition to our online shop –

A super simple mobile phone with 3 speed dial memory buttons only – ideal for those who need a mobile phone for security but don’t make many calls!

The water-resistant, easy-to-use Doro 780X makes staying safe a whole lot simpler. Three large keys with name labels put the people you rely on within easy reach, without having to navigate menus or browse through a phonebook. It also has excellent safety functions such as a safety timer and an assistance button for sending an alarm with GPS position if you need help.

Numbers can be programmed remotely by a trusted relative via Response by Doro. This unique service enables trusted relatives or friends to quickly and easily manage important settings on your phone, all via an app installed on theirs. Just one press of your phone’s assistance button sends an alarm with your location to a list of people you rely on, sounding a loud, distinct signal on their phones even if placed in ‘Do not disturb’ mode. More peace of mind for you, and for them.

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Basic/Level 1 ISL classes will be starting in Dublin next week

From Wednesday 11th January 2023 at 6:00pm for 1 hour.

Free access to Online Basic ISL is included as part of this course.

Book your place at:

It is a 6 weeks course for Basic ISL with an option to study for a full Level 1 certificate if you wish to continue after the Basic ISL course is completed.

Irish Sign Language Basic/Level 1 Course – Evening Classes – Live Sessions Online via Zoom Meetings

Book your place at:

6 classes for only €129

Starting on Monday 9th January 2023 at 5:30pm

More details at:

A reminder for three new ISL courses starting on next week!

Irish Sign Language (ISL) Basic/Level 1 and ISL Level 2 Classes:

Reserve your place by booking online