Speech to Text service

The Speech To Text Booking Service at Irish Deaf.com (IDC), in partnership with Cleartext, is the platform which provides quality and professional access to speech-to-text for your event. This brand-new, innovative site can be used by deaf people, hard of hearing people, people with acquired hearing loss, people with dyslexia and/or dyspraxia, people with visual loss, people with restricted physical mobility/mobility loss, and for those whose English is their second language. When you need a communication facilitator for an event, you can come to the website and make a booking. We will provide communication professionals, who are qualified stenographers, to offer instant and verbatim speech-to-text for your events. This service can be provided both on-site and off-site.

Speech-to-Text means literally from speech to instant typed text of the words spoken. This text is available for viewing instantly by the user. When the speaker speaks, words appear, providing instant and verbatim access to the works spoken.

Some benefits and features of booking the Speech To Text Services are as follows:

  • Verbatim and instant text of your event
  • If you wish to have a stenographer present at your event that is the ‘on-site service’. The stenographer will be there and the text can be viewed on a laptop or projector screen.
  • If you wish to make use of the ‘off-site service’, the stenographer will receive the audio, and if helpful, the pictures of your event through Skype and then transmit the text through the medium of a portal of the Stream Text website. This text can be displayed on a laptop, overhead projector screen, any mobile or handheld device that has an internet connection. There may be capacity for Webstreaming of the text for your event. You can communicate with the stenographer at any time via messenger on Skype or face-to-face on Skype.
  • We provide speech-to-text stenographers who write at accuracy levels of 99%.
  • A transcript of the event can be made available on request through the site.
  • Speech-to-text writers can be booked to work alongside Sign Language Translations. Many of our stenographers are registered communication professionals with the same organisation.
  • The service is cost-effective, particularly the off-site or remote services.
  • The booking and provision of the service can be made available all over Ireland because of the remote capabilities.

Complete confidentiality and privacy are assured. Please contact us with any queries or for quotes.