Irish Logo Competition

Irish Logo Competition

Updated: A reminder before the closing date in 2 weeks time!

Design a new logo for Irish

1st Prize in association with IDC/17TVS – €300

WeTransfer your designs to [email protected].

We, at IDC, would like to announce to everyone in the Deaf/Hard of Hearing communities that we are now in the process of creating a new image for IDC. As a result of taking this step forward, we are now advertising a new logo design competition which represents the beliefs and values of IDC. Now is a good time to replace our logo which was last changed ten years ago to showcase our business identity with a clean, original brand that reflects our image.

1. Design a logo that helps our company look professional which, in turn, benefits us to attract the customers to our website. Simplicity is the keyword and the logo designs must originate from individual design portfolios.

2. Choose the right colours for the IDC logo. Colour has as much influence on how a company logo is perceived as the rest of the design elements that define a company or an organisation logo. In general, people will have a psychological and emotional response to the colours in your logo design.

3. Each and every company, organisation or charity, like each and every single individual, has its own personality and we would like to see an attractive design logo that reflects the personality of Irish (IDC).

4. To run a company or organisation that provides services, requires passion and determination. When designing a logo, we would like you to take into consideration the different aspects of each specific industry but also look past the type of business to learn what differentiates one business from another.

There is a prize of €300.00 for the best logo design which positively reflects the image of IDC.

The deadline is at 11:59pm GMT, 1st June 2023.

The winner with the logo will be revealed at the DCL Football Final during halftime on 1st July 2023 in Warsaw, Poland.