Doro 780X easy-to-use mobile phone

Doro 780X easy-to-use mobile phone

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A super simple mobile phone with 3 speed dial memory buttons only – ideal for those who need a mobile phone for security but don’t make many calls!

The water-resistant, easy-to-use Doro 780X makes staying safe a whole lot simpler. Three large keys with name labels put the people you rely on within easy reach, without having to navigate menus or browse through a phonebook. It also has excellent safety functions such as a safety timer and an assistance button for sending an alarm with GPS position if you need help.

Numbers can be programmed remotely by a trusted relative via Response by Doro. This unique service enables trusted relatives or friends to quickly and easily manage important settings on your phone, all via an app installed on theirs. Just one press of your phone’s assistance button sends an alarm with your location to a list of people you rely on, sounding a loud, distinct signal on their phones even if placed in ‘Do not disturb’ mode. More peace of mind for you, and for them.

  • Very easy to use with three large direct dial buttons
  • GPS localisation
  • Safety timer and other safety functions

This phone replaces the popular Doro Secure 580.

Box contains: Doro 780X handset & 1600mAh Li-ion battery, charging cradle, UK charger

This phone is supplied unlocked and SIM-Free. You will need to arrange for a micro-SIM card from a mobile phone network operator for use with this phone. If you are planning on using the remote Doro Manager feature we recommend you talk to your mobile phone operator about including an internet data allowance.

The Doro 780X only accepts a micro SIM card.

Key Specifications:

  •  Unlocked & SIM Free
  •  4G Ready for ultra fast network speeds
  •  2.8″ QVGA Display
  •  MediaTek MTK6731 Quad Core Processor + 512MB of RAM
  •  DorOS
  •  4GB Storage
  •  Micro SIM Card