Geemarc AmpliDECT 295 with answerphone twin pack

Geemarc AmpliDECT 295 with answerphone twin pack

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An amplified cordless telephone with built-in answering machine as well as an extra handset allowing you to enjoy conversations around your home.

The AmpliDECT 295 twin pack is comprised of a stylish amplified cordless phone with answering machine as well as an extra handset and base station. A great solution for anybody looking for a telephone set to place within the home.

With an adjustable receiver volume of up to 30dB, it is a good choice for anybody with a hearing loss and you can benefit from a range of 30 metres indoors and up to 80 metres outdoors. There is a handy handset locator and there is a handy intercom between the handsets should you need to communicate with someone else in your home.

In the opinion of one evaluation panel, this is a well designed phone with a good sound quality. It does not have a tone control, which means that although it has a good level of amplification, the bass/treble cannot be adjusted to suit your particular hearing loss. Having said that, it is excellent value for money, particularly considering the answerphone facility which is useful for many people.

The answering machine offers 15 minutes of recording time, which means you don’t have to miss an important message again. You can also access the messages via the extra handset too. This can be also turned off if required and there is a large back-lit display screen that allows you to view the date, time and number of messages. There is also an alarm function which is great for anybody who needs to set reminders.

The answering machine has two modes: normal recording mode and simple mode, which will play a pre-recorded outgoing message but will not allow a caller to leave a message – particularly handy if you prefer to use email or text as you can record a message asking them to use an alternative contact method. 

With easy to press buttons this phone is ideal for anybody with limited dexterity and with a streamlined design, it fits really nicely in your hand for comfortable phone conversations. You also have the benefit of the built in speaker phone option which allows you to talk to the recipient at the end of the line, hands free!

The phone-book can store up to 50 numbers and there is a handy redial function for the last 10 outgoing calls.

Up to 3 additional handsets can be added for use with this phone. These can be any combination of standard AmpliDECT 295 handsets or PhotoDECT 295 handsets, which simply have 4 photo dial buttons – making them great for people with dementia or memory loss (see associated items).

This phone has a T coil and most hearing aid users will find the level of background noise acceptable when using the DECT telephone handset directly with ‘T’ with their hearing aid – it is simply a matter of trial and personal preference.

Please note, this phone does not have an adjustable tone control.