Amplicomms BigTel 40 Plus Big Button Corded Telephone

Amplicomms BigTel 40 Plus Big Button Corded Telephone

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The BigTel 40 is an affordable, easy to use amplified phone with 6 photo memory buttons, excellent volume levels as well as hearing aid compatibility.

The big buttons are easy to press and this model is very simple with minimal functions for straight forward use. The big photo buttons are great prompts for anyone who has dementia and can each can be programmed to call a specific family member, friend or service. You are able to put your own pictures into the buttons, or could write names into the spaces instead.

  • Easily amplify the receiver volume to 40dB
  • Photo memory buttons
  • Receiver tone control
  • Adjustable receiver volume and ringtone volume
  • Visual alert for incoming calls
  • Can be wall mounted

The Amplicomms BigTel 40 does not require mains power, you just plug this phone straight into your existing telephone socket and it is powered from the line. 

The phone is designed for those who are looking for an amplified phone which is simple to use. It is perfect for anyone who does not require advanced features. It has the option to increase/decrease the sending loudness for the outgoing voice, which is a nice feature.
This telephone is equipped with a T or ‘Loop’ setting making it compatible with most hearing aids, allowing you to have a conversation with ease.


  • 6 programmable direct dial photo buttons
  • 10 speed dial storage slots
  • Premium hearing aid compatibility (improved reception in receiver) 
  • Reception volume up to twenty times louder than usual (max. 40 dB)
  • Rings up to five times louder than a normal telephone (max. 90 dB)
  • Extra large buttons

CAUTION: this telephone is specifically designed for the people with hearing difficulties and is provided with a handset earpiece volume control for individual requirements. Due care must be taken by all users that the handset earpiece volume control is set to the lowest level acceptable by each respective user. Care should therefore be exercised to ensure that any naive users are familiar with this requirement.
Contents: 1x Corded Telephone, 1x Telephone cable, 1x User Guide