Bag Packing and Charity Fundraising 2013 Report

fundraising 2013 tesco balbrigganWe wish to thank Tesco Ireland for supporting our bagpacking and charity fundraising in 2013.

We had a difficult year during 2013 with reduced bagpacking bookings; however, we have survived and have been able to support charities in the Deaf community. So far, over €800,000 has been paid out since 2004 and during 2013 over €48,000 was paid out to the following beneficiaries;

Tallaght Deaf Club
Deaf Sports Ireland
Irish Deaf Women’s Group
Irish Deaf Youth Association
Sign Language Association of Ireland
Make A Wish Foundation
Deaf Greenbow
Aware (Tesco Charity)
Marie Keating Foundation (Marks and Spencer Charity)

fundraising 2013 tesco cabraWhile this is lower than previous years due to less bookings, demand during December with a number of stores requesting us to bagpack allowed us to raise more money. We wish to thank Tesco Ireland for bookings and two stores in particular for asking us to raise money on behalf of Aware. In Tesco Cabra, we raised a total of €4,753.46. In Tesco Balbriggan, we raised €12,683. The latter is the highest ever we have raised in any one store since we began our fundraising service 10 years ago.

We are continuing to organise fundraising and we are seeking additional charities to work with us.