Tips from Deaf Education Centre


Masking tape, a pen and 15 minutes could help boost literacy and language in the home! I came across this lovely, simple idea in Stewart and Clarke’s book on Literacy and Your Deaf Child (it’s in the background in the picture below).

They talk about a Mum who armed herself with a roll of masking tape and a pen and labelled as many things as she could around the home (sink, spatula, can opener, couch, etc) to help familiarise her 7-year old deaf daughter with the terms for these household items and their spellings.

She used to give her daughter fun, pop quizzes on different items throughout the day, asking her the sign, spoken word and spelling of each item – boosting language and literacy through this simple activity.

Stewart and Clarke note that you shouldn’t simplify the language you use. For example, don’t call something a ‘chair’ if it would be better described as a ‘barstool’. I’ve labelled my desk with post-its as an example, but think masking tape would work better. Give it a go and let us know how you get on!