Are you overworked and stressed out?

Good morning!

Is this your morning? You show up at the office, you have a dozen phone calls to return, a slug of e-mail messages to read, and too many colleagues wanting “just a minute” of your time. If that is not enough to
raise your blood pressure, you sit down for a `meeting with your key colleagues, and guess what? A dozen interruptions.

If you try to manage in a whirlwind of distraction and pressure, you
probably find it near impossible to put your energy into anything but the
latest demands on your daily plate.

Tasks such as planning and strategies for the future don’t even appear on
your horizon. Here is a solution.

You need a retreat. You need to get away, you need to think, reflect, and
get calm. The answer? Give yourself a timeout, book your dates and
get away from the accumulation of enough daily tension.

Retreats are a way of recharging your emotional and psychological
batteries for self development. It is the perfect way to remove yourself
from daily distractions and the pressures of running your business. Think
of it as a pit stop to refuel your mind and rest your emotions. It is
getting in touch with yourself; it is tapping into those inner-drives and
dreams that sparked you to start your business or job. And it is
refreshing and motivating.

San Diego Deaf Biz Boot Camp at University of California San Diego offers
a great program for your retreat, self development, and brainstorming
strategies to next achievements.

A professional and personal growth training sessions are specializing in
vision, leadership and employee effectiveness training at Deaf Biz Boot
Camp in San Diego.

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Planning Committee

October 25-27, 2012

San Diego, CA