TV3 email to IDS

TV3 have responded to emails from the Irish Deaf Society:

They would like to let you all know that they are experiencing subtitle problems at the moment:

TV3: Please note, we are currently experiencing some disruption to our subtitling service. We are aware of this and are currently working to resolve the issue. Please bear with us.

If you have any questions relating to the subtitling service, please email: [email protected].

If you have any comments regarding TV3s subtitles service, you can text SUBS followed by your comment to 51000 (standard text rates apply) (The old fee of 0.30c has now changed)

TV3 have updated their subtitle menu on page 886

TV3 will show what programmes are subtitled on their TV guide list online:

TV3 also post disruption to their services on their facebook page at

TV3 have now set up an auto response so when you email [email protected] you will get a reply acknowledging your email.

IDS and TV3 will be meeting up soon to discuss your issues – if you would like us to bring issues to TV3 – let us know.