UlsterSigns – Irish Museum of Modern Art

(for the deaf community in the North)
Paula Clarke did a video clip (2 mins) talking about Irish Museum of Modern Art for the new YouTube channel called “UlsterSigns” – the Deaf UTV Channel Online!
Remember, this is done with voluntary effort – we hope to film more people in the North talking about everything – it is important that we are to record our two beautiful sign languages and show it online to the world so they can see what it is like!
If you want to upload your videos etc (have to be under 10 minutes), please let us know – we want to see MORE videos uploaded to the UlsterSigns Channel. Say, football, drama, history, events, interesting stories, news etc.
Do take the time in watching Paula’s IMMA clip in NISL:


Any questions, do email us!
Shane Gilchrist
UlsterSigns Channel