Irish Deaf No. 30

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Irish Deaf News no. 30

Irish Deaf News was set up 8 months ago around the time of the release of the Ryan Report (June 2009) . A protest march was being held in Dublin City Centre and very few Deaf people knew 1. about the march 2. The reasons behind the march due to various reasons and as a result, The IDS filmed a brief outline explaining the news of that particular week.

  • Not enough news translated into ISL
  • Deaf people do not have access to radio or audio via the Internet
  • 80% of Deaf people have a literacy reading age of an 8-9 year old which can make it difficult for Deaf people to read newspapers, follow subtitles on RTE news, etc.

If you would like to see more videos done by Irish Deaf News – check out our Youtube channel

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