New TV3 programme with subtitles – Modern Ireland

We received a response from TV3 who apologised for the error on their end. They have offered to repeat the Modern Ireland programme on Sunday September 13th at 6pm and have guaranteed that it will be broadcast with subtitles.

Also they guarantee the rest of the series will have subtitles, including the programme “Gone to the Dogs” which will be on TV3 on Tues Sept 8th at 7:30pm.
Modern Ireland – The First Communion

In The First Holy Communion, we meet three of the 60,000 children who made their First Communion in 2009.  With almost 80 million euro spent on the festivities throughout the country, three families show us how they’ve chosen to celebrate their child’s special day. Has the recession taken its toll on the festivities? Have Communion celebrations become all about the cards full of cash or does faith still have a part to play in modern Ireland?

In Co Louth, the Boylan Family are keen to pull out all the stops for their daughter Caitlin’s special day, in spite of family differences and the fact that they’re feeling the pinch, with father, Patrick, currently unemployed.  We also meet the Doherty Family from Donegal and the Onono family, originally from Nigeria, now living in Dublin, for whom the day is all about the celebration of Faith and their traditional Nigerian culture.

Modern Ireland takes us to the heart of the great events that form the milestones of Irish lives, with cameras following three very different characters over the course of one day, we get a unique insight into life in Ireland in 2009.

Modern Ireland is a five-part documentary series produced by Mind the Gap Films for TV3 with the support of the Broadcasting Commission of Ireland.