Social Welfare Entitlements for people with disabilities – now on youtube

The Irish Deaf Society has uploaded online information regarding “Social Welfare Entitlements for People with Disabilities”

There will be 7 chapters

Click on the underlined words to activate Youtube – or check out

Chapter 1

“Disability Related Payments”

Part A

Part B

Chapter 2

“Health Services for People with Disabilities”

Part A

Part B

Chapter 3

“Support and Entitlements for Carers”

Part A

Part B

Chapter 4

“Education, Training and Employment for people with Disabilities”

Part A

Part B

Chapter 5


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Chapter 6

“Transport and Travel for people with Disabilities”

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Chapter 7

Tax Relief and Allowances

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DVD Credits


Carmel Grehan

Teresa Lynch


Kevin Mulqueen


Marc McElroy


Susan Whelan


Elaine Grehan

Yvonne Carolan
Susan Whelan

Thanks to:

Staff and board of Irish Deaf Society

Citizens Information Board

Department of Social and Family Affairs

These clips WILL be available on one DVD soon – contact [email protected] for more information

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