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Online ISL Courses

  • When I have paid for the online course, will I have an instant access?
    • Yes, since our online courses are all automated so you will have an instant access to one of our courses staightaway after you have purchased it (or subscribed to).
  • Do I need to register for use with online ISL courses?
    • Yes, when you have purchased or subscribed to one of our courses, you will be taken to the registration page and from there, you register with an username of your choice and your own e-mail address.
  • Can I register on this site if I am not enrolling to one of your courses?
    • Yes, you can register at anytime now and then you can come back at a later date to enrol, with the same username and password you have registered with this site.
  • If I am unable to finish the course in time. Could I have an additional time to finish it?
  • Do I receive a certificate by completing Online Basic ISL or ISL Level 1 Continuing?
    • No, the certificates are only for exams taken with the ISL tutor so additional time may be required to prepare for the exams. Contact us for further details.
  • Is there a trial period or period of cancellation on subscription?
    • No, as when payment is made, there is immediate access to the course. However future payments can be cancelled by contacting us using your email address you have registered for the course. Please allow a few days.

Contacting us

  • Why is it difficult to contact by telephone?
    • Staff at are deaf, hence contact is best by text message, email or through social media
  • How long will I get a reply?
    • Replies are usually with a few hours; it may be the next day in some cases. However we may be closed and auto responders will inform you of this.

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