VC10 vibrating analogue alarm clock

VC10 vibrating analogue alarm clock

The VC10 vibrating analogue alarm is a battery powered clock with a conventional clock face and a battery powered vibrating pad to slip under the pillow. This clock has good vibration and a clear analogue clock face.

New in stock:

The clock face illuminates at a press of the snooze button. The vibrating pad and buzzer both increase in urgency the longer the alarm is left on, however this is the quietest of our clocks.

Our evaluation panel liked the traditional analogue face and found it very easy to set. It is compact and battery powered making it ideal for those on the move.


  • Conventional clock face – for those not keen on digital clocks – but it does tick!
  • Snooze button – approx. 4 mins
  • Buzzer and pad – volume and frequency increase if alarm not switched off
  • vibrating pad – included in price
  • Choice of alarm settings – buzzer or vibrate or both
  • Clock face non-illuminated – good for those who prefer a dark room, press snooze button to illuminate it temporarily
  • Battery powered – ideal for those on the move

Approx size: 120 x 90 x 50mm.

Approx. weight: 175g. Vibrator lead 2m.

Price inc. vibrator & 4 x AA alkaline batteries 1 for clock & 3 for vibrator. The vibrator is not used when working with a PPS pager.

Please note:  For use with the Pager System, connecting lead MXA117 is required.

Comment: this clock doesn’t come with a separate instruction sheet, the instructions are on the outside of the box.