travelTim Vibrating Travel Alarm Clock

travelTim Vibrating Travel Alarm Clock

New in stock:

The travelTim is an alarm clock capable of waking a deaf person or someone suffering from hearing loss.

The travelTim is battery operated and can be set to a vibration, audible alarm or both together. This clock also incorporates an optional bright white LED light that will also visually alert you that the alarm is sounding/vibrating and has a socket to allow you to plug in an external vibrator if required (purchased separately – see associated items on right).

The whole clock is placed under your pillow and it is supplied with a clip and cord to allow you to secure it in place. There is also a protection panel to prevent accidentally activating any of the buttons. Alternatively it can be used on the bedside table, with an external vibrator plugged in (purchased separately).

In the opinion of our evaluation panel, this travel alarm clock has reasonable vibration (although not quite as good as the Sonic Shaker) and an adequate volume.  The buttons are clear and brightly coloured, making it good for those with visual impairment. The display is also nice and clear.

Colour: black with lime green or pink buttons (subject to availability)

Supplied with:

  • travelTim clock with a clip for securing to your pillow etc.
  • 2 x AA batteries and 1x AAA battery
  • Operating instructions

The AAA battery powers the clock and lasts quite a long time. The AA batteries power the vibrator and need to be replaced more often.

Size: 95 x 70 x 30mm

Weight: 130g  excl batteries.