Sonic Bomb digital alarm clock with bed shaker

Sonic Bomb digital alarm clock with bed shaker

This Sonic Bomb Alarm Clock is very striking – designed for people of all ages!

New addition:

The Sonic Bomb has a ‘stealth’ colour scheme with a clear red digital display, which can be dimmed for night-time use. It has a very good vibration and loud sound, with easily adjustable tone and volume. This clock is fun and one of the most popular in our range. Sure to get even the sleepiest teenager out of bed! It is fantastic!

  • Large red digital display
  • Packaged with a 12-volt vibrating pad
  • Red LED indicator flashes when alarm rings.
  • Adjustable display brightness – 5 level dimmer switch
  • Loud 85db pulsating audio alarm
  • User selectable snooze time (1 – 30 mins)
  • User selectable alarm duration from 1 – 59 mins
  • Dual alarm facility
  • Adjustable volume – from off to loud
  • Adjustable tone – from low to very high
  • Mains powered with UK 13A power supply
  • Battery backup to maintain the proper time in the event of a power outage (battery not supplied).

Includes: 1 x mains power supply, 1 x vibrating pad, 1 x clock.

Requires 1 x PP3 clock back up battery – not suppliedApprox. size: 140 x 140 x 70mmApprox. weight: 478g inc. batteryVibrator lead length: 1.93m approx.

Mains powered 230v 50Hz

Please note, this is a mains powered clock – the battery is for back up only. It will only prevent the clock from losing time in case of loss of power and will not drive the clock, alarm or vibrator.