Signolux doorbell system

Signolux doorbell system

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The Signolux Visual Alert system is a flexible and expandable alerting system, easy to customise. It has a choice of 15 chime sounds with an adjustable volume of up to 90dB and a bright strobe light.

The wireless Signolux chime operates up to 200m from the bell push and the receiver has 8 different indicators meaning that you can be alerted to different events within the home by adding different transmitters to the system.

In the opinion of the evaluation panel, the Signolux performs very well with a good loud sound, clear visual indication and bright strobe. The opportunity to expand the system with extra transmitters is where the Signolux comes into its own.

The doorbell push that is included in this system can be used at either the front or back door, or works well as a personal call button.


  • Portable/wall mounted wireless chime unit with Bell Push
  • Range up to 200 metres from Bell Push
  • Choice of 15 CD quality Chime sounds. 8 Visual Icons.
  • Strobe indicator for visual indication, ideal for the hard of hearing or loud environments
  • Ease of installation – no wiring required
  • Rotary volume control – > 90dB sound output
  • Battery operated or mains powered (Mains Power Supply available separately)
  • Pre-programmed Push to Chime and self-learning to avoid interference with neighbours chimes
  • Easily extended to include additional Signolux Bell Pushes, universal sound detectors, smoke alarm transmitters and telephone ring detectors.