Swissvoice Xtra 1110 Big Button Corded Telephone

Swissvoice Xtra 1110 Big Button Corded Telephone

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Designed for comfort and ease of use, the Swissvoice Xtra 1110 is a straight forward phone with big easy to press buttons as well as an extra loud receiver volume of up to +30dB.

The Swissvoice Xtra 1110 has 6 photo memory buttons which you can customise with photos of family or friends for quick and easy dialling at the push of a button. There is also an SOS label for anyone who would like to use one of the photo buttons for an emergency contact. Photo buttons can also be useful for anyone who suffers from memory loss.

The large keypad is made up of easy to press buttons which is a nice feature for anyone with limited dexterity and they also have large Braille dots, which is useful for someone with limited vision.

The handset volume can be adjusted (4 levels) and the audio boost key means that the receiver volume can reach up to 30dB. There is also a high quality hands free function which is handy for anyone who struggles to hold the receiver for long periods at a time.