Ambo School For Deaf Children

The STORY of the Ethiopia Deaf So Far,

After four years of planning, fundraising and crossing of fingers, the Ambo School for Deaf Children was officially opened on the 30th Dec 2012. Employing three fully qualified teachers of the Deaf, the school firstly offered places to the older Deaf children in the area. (Ages 11-16yrs) A recent visit to the school by members of the Ethiopia Deaf Project confirmed that the school has helped to transform the lives of these children and offer them a real sense of identity and hope.

We are now looking at phase two, the building of additional classrooms to welcome the younger children (ages 6-10) into the school.

At present they are in the local Government School in classrooms without the necessary backup or resources to support their education. The Local Government is keen that we would offer them the opportunity to attend the Deaf School as they appreciate the great work that is being done there. We also aim to offer some of the older Deaf students the chance to develop vocational skills to assist them in gaining meaningful employment or to generate their own income.

Life in Ethiopia, at the best of times, can be tough but being Deaf makes everything so much more difficult.

Often families are ashamed if their child is born with a disability and are inclined to hide him. /her away for fear that others will judge them. Many Deaf children won’t get access to education and when they do it is usually in an environment which does not understand their particular communication needs, especially the need for sign language. This results in the children feeling very isolated and stigmatized. Without proper supports, even those lucky enough to attend school often end up failing and leave school early. Life as a Deaf child can be very lonely and frustrating.

The Ethiopia Deaf Project is trying in some small way make a significant difference to lives of one group of Deaf people in Ambo, Ethiopia.

On behalf of the Ethiopia Deaf Project we would like to thank you for your interest and hope that you will support our going fundraising Events and therefore the Children of AMBO

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