ICSD – End of Year 2012 Message from President – Craig Crowley

Hello all members and sportsfriends!

Since becoming your President I have been working tirelessly to be the strong advocate in the world of Sport that ICSD, Deaflympics, World Championships and Deaf athletes deserves!

I have put this ‘End of Year’ Message together to ensure that you are kept fully up to date with all the work I am doing on your behalf in the world of Sport.

Remember I represent all of you members, no matter how you vote come the next Congress.

Time has flown by since the Summer Taipei Congress in 2009 and Rome Congress in 2011.

I have also acknowledged the failure of Slovakia 2011 as well as Athens 2013 and Vancouver 2015 pulled out too.

My heart sank when I saw our member countries and athletes losing out on all of those carefully-laid preparations.

This made me even more determined than ever.

ICSD is still working for justice for our deaf athletes after the crime in Slovakia.

Ruda remains in prison. We expect he will go to trial next year.

We ask members to complete the power of attorney forms and send them back to ICSD so that ICSD can represent members at the trial.

Both the Board & I did not give up the athletes’ dream for visibility and recognition.

We have worked hard to change things since then. For example, finding replacement host for 2013 in Sofia, Bulgaria.

I should mention that ICSD have achieved 17 world championships without a cancellation since 2011.

I should also mention that we have a full schedule of winter sports WC events in 2013. And fo r many sports it has been the first time there has been a WC.

I have campaigned, advocated, persistent, diplomatic and met many members, representatives and even sent many video messages to keep you informed of the developments that ICSD has been undertaking.

It is truly fantastic that IOC had recently sent official statement confirming the status of ICSD and the name Deaflympics.

This is historic moment for ICSD members because it meant that member countries will be able to use this to assure their respective Governments of their official standing and to open up more doors for partnership and sponsorship opportunities with other sporting federations and organisations.

With ICSD Board’s support and approval I have also helped to push forward for clear strategic paths for ICSD Commissions in Legal, Technical (Sport), Athletes and Anti-Doping.

Very pleased and proud to have Chairs of all Commissions doing fantastic work for the Executive Board and for ICSD, Deaflympics and WC as whole.

I know have been lot of changes throughout and changing hands have also been taken place with two Regional Confederations in 2012.

I warmly welcome Gigi Fiset and Byun Seungil – new Presidents of Panamdes and Asia Pacific – into the new strategic drive for the best interests of our athletes worldwide

I have received hundreds of emails and letters from you since becoming your President and these are a fantastic guide to what issues the members and athletes of ICSD, Deaflympics and World Championships have raised.

My aims over the next seven months to the next Summer Congress 2013 will be extremely challenging but exciting! They are:

1. Keep asserting for clear, relevant, modern, apt and well-groomed governance with comprehensive proposal set for July 2013

2. Keep reflecting our aims and priorities for a successful Sofia Deaflympics in July-August 2013

3. Re-establishing robust Memorandum of Understanding agreements with IOC, WFD & IPC respectively by Spring 2013

4. Safeguarding the visibility and recognition of our athletes via diplomacy & lobbying with sporting establishments

5. Produce first sight of new strategic objectives for our second strategic plan 2013-2017 at the ICSD Executive Board Meeting in March 2013

6. Acquire a hosting country to organise Winter Deaflympics 2015 by showcasing the prospective candidate at Sport Accord Convention in St Petersburg, Russia in May 2013

7. Making logistic plans for Ankara Turkey Deaflympics 2017

8. Cementing plans with IOC & IPC for a stronger partnership plan

Over the next seven months I hope myself and my ICSD Executive Board continue to address issues that most concern our position within the world of Sport where recognition is extremely if not constantly important.

It remains for me to say a million thanks to:
ICSD Executive Board for steadying the ship alongside me;
Regional Presidents for challenging and backing our strategy in positive light
Our ICSD members for their steadfast support to ICSD;
Commissions for advising and guiding the Board in the right direction;
ICSD staff for taking on the plunge to strive for success within operations especially with the success of World Championships
And, finally, all of our athletes for continuing their efforts to reach their highest standards in their chosen sports.
Their visibility and actions inspire us all in the spirit of the Deaflympic Movement.
Have a truly wonderful and fabulous 2013!