Questionnaire survey

You are being invited to take part in a study about Deaf people’s attitudes about counselling.


What is the study?

Title – Deaf perceptions of counselling.


The researcher?

Kirsty Guthrie, experience in working with Deaf people and currently learning BSL level 2. Studying Psychology at Glasgow Caledonian University.


Why is the study being done?

Study must be done as part of university degree.


What is the aim of the study?

The aim is to ask Deaf people about what they think counselling needs to be like to work for them. The results could help others to understand what will be useful in counselling with Deaf people in future.


What do I have to do?

You will be asked to complete an online survey which has been made to suit BSL written language. The survey will have some descriptions of counsellors and you will be asked to answer some questions based on these descriptions. You will also be asked to answer some open-ended questions, where you will type your answer in a text box. You will not have to say anything personal about you and the researcher will not be able to tell which answers are yours. You don’t have to have had counselling before to be a participant and you won’t be asked to say anything about your counselling experience even if you have had it before.

The survey will not take longer than 30 minutes to finish. If you want to stop the survey without finishing, that is ok. You can exit the survey at any time simply by closing the page; you will not have to explain why.

If you would like to help with this study and be a participant, you can go to the questionnaire through this link:

Thank you for your help.

Kirsty Guthrie