Tallaght Hospital – Name change

Adelaide, Meath and National Children’s Hospital to transition to new title “Tallaght Hospital – A Teaching Hospital of Trinity College Dublin”

Even before opening its doors at Tallaght in 1998, the naming of the
hospital was highly debated and much discussed.  Despite emerging with
the title “The Adelaide and Meath Hospital Dublin Incorporating the
National Children’s Hospital” the reality on the ground is that
patients, public, media, funders and most of the staff have almost
always referred to it as Tallaght Hospital. Therefore, the three
Foundations and the Patient’s Forum have agreed with the new Interim
Board to finally acknowledge that reality and to change the name to
Tallaght Hospital.

The changing of the title to Tallaght Hospital also reflects changes
happening in  the hospital’s  governance and executive structures.

A new Interim Board of Tallaght Hospital was established in December
2011 consisting of 9 Non-Executive Directors and 7 Executive
Directors. The Non-Executive Directors were appointed to meet skill
sets and competencies regarded as important for contemporary
governance in healthcare.  The Executive Directors are all employees
of the Hospital and understand the healthcare business.   Working
together, the Directors of the Interim Board are focusing their
collective energy on assuring the delivery of safe care to patients,
continuous improvement in quality and safety and assuring strong
financial stewardship.

The Interim Board has established a new committee structure,
including, an Audit Committee and a Quality, Safety and Risk
Management Committee, to assist the Board in its governance remit to
assure strong financial stewardship and safe, high quality care for
patients served by Tallaght Hospital.

While the official title of the Hospital will remain for the time
being as the Adelaide and Meath

Hospital, Dublin Incorporating the
National Children’s Hospital until changes in governance legislation
are enacted, naming the hospital Tallaght Hospital reflects its focus
on the community it serves. In making this transition, the hospital
will also highlight our status as a respected teaching hospital of
Trinity College Dublin.

Marking the new development at the unveiling of a new sign at the
Hospital entrance, Ms Eilísh Hardiman, the new Chief Executive of
Tallaght Hospital explains, ‘We want the hallmark of our  Hospital to
be high quality care and a commitment to patients, their families and
our community. Our sign has a simple and clear message about what we
are  “Tallaght Hospital – A Teaching Hospital of Trinity College
Dublin” Our focus is on delivering safe care to patients, ensuring
continuous improvement in quality and safety, improving how and where
we deliver care and embedding strong financial controls.”

Speaking at the unveiling of the new Hospital title, Marie
Price-Bolger, Chairperson of the Hospital’s Patient Forum stated that
‘We are very supportive of all the changes we are seeing taking place
in the Hospital. We are delighted that the Interim Board will promote
and actively encourage openness and transparency. We are also
encouraged by the fact that the Hospital is reaching out to the
community more than ever before. We are aware that plans are underway
in this area. Tallaght Hospital is an integral part of our community
and look forward to working together to benefit the entire community.’

The interim Board is placing patients, staff and the public at the
centre of its activities. For full details of Interim Board
Directorships see notes to editor.