Speech To Text – A Better And Cheaper Way

Do you have meetings or conferences where you need the services of a speech to text notetaker to be able to participate?

For the meeting, do away with the time, cost and wear and tear of travel plus the additional cost of the notetaker’s time and travel expenses all of which adds up significantly.
Consider the alternative use of a conference call with its added bonuses. Book a conference call and ask us to dial in on it. Those at the meeting then talk within range of the conference phone.


We provide the bonus of the text of the meeting live on your laptop or PC (providing it has broadband internet connectivity). All parties, wherever located, can communicate further with each other or individually by using our instant text messaging facility.

A conference call can be just as useful as being at the meeting. You have access to unedited text of conversation displayed live to you, plus the benefit of a full undisputed record of the meeting being available. A fully edited note can also be sent to you shortly after the end of the meeting..

Seller’s speech to text services has developed the technology that enables you to have a full record without leaving your home or office. All you need to do is contact us.