Eight Twenty Cabs: Text service for the Deaf

About two years ago I decided to put a simple mobile phone in our dispatch office so that my mother, who is almost deaf, could book a taxi. She loved the idea; it gave her a new lease on life.

She was telling her hearing friends about it and before I knew it we were receiving about 100 text bookings per week from her friends and their families.

Over the year the text bookings grew and grew but ironically, practically all of the text bookings were from hearing people.

Anyway, I decided to develop the system and integrate the Text-A-Taxi booking system into our dispatch system. This is now done so I feel confident enough to roll out the service to deaf people, who, after all, inspired the idea in the first place.

So… text away on 085 8 20 20 20 (at standard rates).  Text your Name, Pick Up Address and Time Required and we will text you back letting you know your booking is confirmed.

Don’t forget to start your text with the keyword ‘deaf’. Incidentally… you’ll get 20% off your taxi fare.

Noel Ebbs
Managing Director at Eight Twenty Cabs