TV3 subtitles

SW and TT from IDS met TV3 this morning to highlight subtitle problems for Deaf. They have set up a NEW email address: [email protected]

When emailing TV3 – let them know

1- What programme you’re complaining about

2- What date and what day

3 – What time did problem start

4- What cable you’re using (Sky or UPC)

5- What was the problem?

6 – Where you live

Sometimes TV3 does not know there is a problem and rely on us, the Deaf community!

They also now have a new teletext page informing you what subtitles are on every day – check out teletext page 886

They are looking into putting information on their website and we will let you know when they do.

TV3 said at moment they cannot subtitle any Irish programming (unless its funded by the BAI sound and vision fund)

TV3 also said they cannot repeat subtitles on live programming (i.e. if dancing on ice on sat is live and has live subtitles, they cannot repeat the live subtitles on Sunday)

We have also requested they set up a mobile phone number especially for the Deaf – we will let you know if that happens.

Remember if you have a problem with RTE1 or RTE2 – you can text them: 0877989128