An Open Letter to Irish Deaf women

This is an open letter to the past pupils of St Mary’s School for Deaf Girls, Cabra, Dublin, Ireland.

As there is a Heritage museum of Deaf Education in Ireland that focuses on St Joseph’s School for Deaf Boys, it is good that there is a place for people to learn about Deaf History (HIS STORY) but it is about Deaf boys and men. What about the history of Deaf women and girls?

Liam Breen of the Deaf Heritage would have been willing to gather documentation and artefacts from St Mary’s before it is too late, but it is really a matter for Deaf women to do this, as it is THEIR history. (Or HERSTORY, if you like)

We hope to have many Deaf women involved in this project, and also hope to involve the Irish Deaf Women’s Group as well.

Surely you can see the importance of preserving the history of Irish Deaf Women, before it is too late?

If you were a past pupil at St Mary’s School, Cabra, or interested in Deaf history, and out like to be involved in this project, please contact Wendy Murray, or Alvean Jones.

If looking at this on youtube, contact Deafdub. (Alvean.)