It arrived! (update on Kampala, Uganda)

Deaf Ministries International Update

Dear One and All

Thanks be to God and to all who have prayed, given and helped us in getting the container from Arkansas to  Kampala. It made it through pirated waters and on trucks and trains only to be held up in customs with a $22,000 customs bill. Many of you prayed and eventually with a face saving gesture we were charged only $1000 duty on the container itself.
The road down to the property was impossibly narrow so as you can see the truck was unloaded by a group of grateful and happy deaf young men and women and carried the remaining distance.
Most of the volunteer team had to leave before the truck arrived but Loyd Osborn has stayed on and will be joined by a few more volunteers from the US with the skills needed to to put every thing together.
Praise God for what He has done.

Hope this photo does not mess up your system


God Bless,

DMI (which Belfast CFC Sign Language Cong. is part of)