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The Amplicomms TV 2500 is a wireless TV listener which hangs down from the ears and is suitable for those who do NOT wear hearing aids.

A particularly useful feature of the TV 2500 is that the receiver includes a built-in microphone. When you wish to hear family and friends you simply press the large button on the front of the receiver to activate the microphone, and the sound from the TV will be muted. Press the button again and you can return to listening to the TV.

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The BigTel 40 is an affordable, easy to use amplified phone with 6 photo memory buttons, excellent volume levels as well as hearing aid compatibility.

The big buttons are easy to press and this model is very simple with minimal functions for straight forward use. The big photo buttons are great prompts for anyone who has dementia and can each can be programmed to call a specific family member, friend or service. You are able to put your own pictures into the buttons, or could write names into the spaces instead.

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Part of the BigTel range, the Amplicomms BigTel 1280 has good volume levels and is easier to use than the PowerTel range.

Designed for comfort and practicality, this is an entry level cordless phone with good clear sound and an extra loud ring of up to 80dB. The BigTel 1280 has an integrated answering machine with extra large buttons, as well as two direct dial memory buttons so you can reach family and friends at the push of a button.

The BigTel 1280 has a traditional design with good sized buttons and a clear display with large size text. 

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Phonak TV Link II – Ideal TV experience

Also on Special Offers: https://shop.irishdeaf.com/phonak-tv-link-ii-base-station

Phonak TV Link II is a dedicated TV solution. Combined with the ComPilot, ComPilot II and ComPilot Air II it offers a terrific listening experience.

The Phonak TV Link II is the interface to the TV and other audio sources supporting digital audio signals. It wirelessly connects your hearing aids to your TV and other entertainment or communication devices.

It will also serve as a charging cradle for your Phonak ComPilot/ComPilot II/ComPilot Air streaming device. The TV Link II comes with two different shaped inserts; one for the ComPilot/ComPilotII and one for the smaller ComPilot Air.

The extremely fast transmission from your TV to your hearing aids in stereo provides excellent sound quality. In combination with a streamer, TVLink II turns Phonak hearing aids into wireless stereo headsets, providing clear speech and better music quality, while the TV can be operated at normal volume levels.

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On Special Offers: https://shop.irishdeaf.com/geemarc-amplidect-295-with-answerphone-twin-pack

An amplified cordless telephone with built-in answering machine as well as an extra handset allowing you to enjoy conversations around your home.

The AmpliDECT 295 twin pack is comprised of a stylish amplified cordless phone with answering machine as well as an extra handset and base station. A great solution for anybody looking for a telephone set to place within the home.

With an adjustable receiver volume of up to 30dB, it is a good choice for anybody with a hearing loss and you can benefit from a range of 30 metres indoors and up to 80 metres outdoors. There is a handy handset locator and there is a handy intercom between the handsets should you need to communicate with someone else in your home.

In the opinion of one evaluation panel, this is a well designed phone with a good sound quality. It does not have a tone control, which means that although it has a good level of amplification, the bass/treble cannot be adjusted to suit your particular hearing loss. Having said that, it is excellent value for money, particularly considering the answerphone facility which is useful for many people.

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The Amplicomms BigTel 1500 has good volume levels and this BigTel 1502 twin pack is a great option for anybody who would like an easy to use cordless landline phone within their home. Particularly useful for any senior user as the phone is really simple to use and with the extra handset you can have another phone within reach.

Designed for comfort and practicality, this is an entry level cordless phone with good clear sound and an extra loud ring of up to 90dB. There are also three direct dial memory buttons so you can reach family and friends with ease.

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Now on special offer – https://shop.irishdeaf.com/geemarc-cl100-amplified-telephone

The Geemarc CL100 is designed to help those with a high frequency hearing loss, a problem affecting up to 95% of hearing impaired people. Those with high-frequency hearing loss cant hear sounds like “st” and “ch”, so words like stair and chair sound like air. Just increasing the volume doesn’t always help because it amplifies all frequencies.

The Geemarc CL100 telephone features a built-in sound equalizer that selectively increases the volume of high or low frequency sounds. This equaliser should help those with a high-frequency hearing loss.

In our view the Geemarc CL100 (or CL1100) has a sharp sound and good level of amplification and induction T coupler – one of our most popular phones.