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We’re looking forward to seeing you soon 

We’re excited to announce that the Science Museum will re-open on Wednesday 19 August 2020 

Our top priority is the health and safety of our visitors and staff. We’ve introduced enhanced cleaning practices and free timed ticketing to ensure you have an enjoyable visit to the museum. 

Special preview for email subscribers

As a thank you, we’re giving email subscribers exclusive access to the museum on Tuesday 18 August, 24-hours before we open to the general public. Head to our website to book your free museum admission tickets and find out how you can have a safe and inspiring visit.

Please be patient with us. Due to high demand, you may need to force refresh your web page (CTRL f5) before booking your tickets.If you’re still having trouble try using incognito mode.    
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Plan a visit for the summer

Explore our inspiring free galleries and exhibitions this summer and discover out-of-this-world space rockets in Exploring Space, investigate AI-driven tech at Driverless: Who is in Control? and wander through five extraordinary galleries to learn more about humanity’s relationship with health and medicine.Plan your visit

Keeping you safe

We will be offering you a very warm welcome as always and we have put some new measures in place so that you can enjoy the museum safely. You can read the latest information and our frequently asked questions here.Find out more

Games, activities and more

If you can’t pop into the museum yet you can take a virtual tour and watch along as our curators tell you all about our amazing museum.

You can also experience fun, scientific activities and games at home. Make your own instant ice cream, spring your way through 30 obstacle courses online, design a paper aircraft and more.Explore the museum at home

How you can support the Science Museum

Our mission is to inspire the next generation with science and we need your help to continue this work.

Support us by leaving a review on Tripadvisor, making a purchase on our online shop, or making a donation. Your help large or small will make a huge difference – thank you.

And if you can’t visit us just yet, our incredible collection – and range of activities and learning resources – remain open to you online.      
How to donate

The backs of two young girls holding a torchlight looking at objects on a shelf.

Science Museum at home

Although our doors are currently closed you can still explore our amazing collection through our subtitled virtual tours, hands-on sensory experiments and wonderful 3D objects.

View of the Information Age gallery

Virtual gallery tour

We are relying on technology more than ever to stay in touch with the world. 

Use this opportunity to find out more about the history of technology in our subtitled virtual tour of the Information Age galleryWatch the film here

Leech jar

Wonderful 3D objects

We now have lots of 3D objects in our online collection for you to explore. You can rotate the objects and zoom in to get a closer look. 

Start with this 3D leech jar and learn how people used to believe that leeches would help sick people get better by sucking their blood. Start exploring our 3D objects

Person adding drops of food colouring into a tray of milk

Magic milk

Try this artistic hands-on science experiment. All you need is milk and food colouring. We think it’s great fun and very visual and the best part is that you’ll create something unique every time. 

See how many different patterns you can make and tag us in your creations on Twitter, Instagram or FacebookDownload the instructions

A person's hand holding some cornflour slime

Cornflour slime

Playing with cornflour slime is great if you love using your sense of touch. It’s a non-Newtonian fluid which means it can behave like a solid or a liquid.

Have a go at making some at home. Instructions to make slime

Screen shot form the Treasure Hunters app

Treasure Hunters

If you’re planning a walk outside you can become a treasure hunter with our free downloadable app.

Take photos of the treasures you find that best match the challenges set for you, and earn badges and points. 

It’s fun to use around the home too.Download the app here

How you can support the Science Museum

Our mission is to inspire the next generation with science but with our museum doors closed we need your help to continue this work.

Support us by leaving a review on Tripadvisor, making a purchase from our online shop, or making a donation. Your help, large or small, will make a huge difference – thank you.

And whilst our doors are closed, our incredible collection – and range of activities and learning resources – remain open to you online.

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