An electromechanical carbon monoxide alarm for use in buildings fitted with gas boilers or fireplaces.

This life saving device alerts the user to the presence of deadly carbon monoxide gas.

The alarm is battery powered and incorporates an LCD display screen which constantly shows the present CO levels and ambient temperature readings.

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Let’s Talk About Death – NCCWN Limerick Women’s Network have the following events for anyone interested in your organisation.

Two Events one online and one in person.

  • Tuesday October 19th, 10am-1pm – Limerick Strand Hotel
  • or Wednesday October 20th, 6.30 – 9pm – Online – Zoom

You must register to attend either event via Eventbrite

We have ISL interpreters for the online event only at the moment.

For more information contact. 086-3821512 or email [email protected]

ACCasting is looking for a Man in his 30s/40s who can Sign (ISL) for a new ad campaign.

He might be deaf/hard of hearing. 

Acting Experience is not necessary but he shouldn’t be camera shy.

Very nice fee if chosen for the ad.

How to Apply:

Please email [email protected] putting “New ad” in the subject line, and include the following details:

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As part of their commitment to Inclusion and Diversity and Business in the Community Ireland’s Elevate Pledge, SSE Airtricity will hire five people from underrepresented groups (such as people with disabilities) to start work this Winter in their business. This is a unique opportunity to join one of Ireland’s leading green energy providers on a permanent contract. In line with best practice the roles are accessible and flexible: applicants do not need to be degree qualified; they will be working a hybrid system of both remotely and in the office, and part time hours can be negotiated. The roles will be primarily in Customer Service and Sales. Career progression within the business will be encouraged.

Some of the benefits of these positions will be:

  • There are no educational requirements.
  • All salaries will be above the living wage in Ireland.
  • 4 weeks of training will be provided and there will be extra assistance if required.
  • The positions will be a hybrid of home and office working, and part time hours can be arranged
  • BITCI will play a supporting role to the new hires and to SSE staff
  • Applicants do not need to be on a particular type of payment to apply. However, applicants on certain types of social welfare are encouraged to consult with their social welfare officer to see how this could affect them.
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Digital TV listening system with conversation amplifier

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Sonumaxx-2.4 is a hearing system which uses the 2.4 GHz frequency band for wireless digital audio transmission between the transmitter and the according receiver. The transmitter is connected to a TV set or another audio source by means of a cable. Two receiver models are available: Model A with a stethoset receiver and Model B, the pocket receiver for connection with teleloop or other listening components such as induction couplers and commercially available headphones or earphones. At the touch of a button, the user can switch to communication mode and listen to conversations within the room at the desired volume.

Portable vibrating alarm clock

Shakes you awake with powerful bed shaker and extra loud pulsating alarm

Also ideal for hard of hearing and elderly

Guaranteed to wake even the deepest sleeper! Never sleep through another appointment, work or school!

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  • Standard size batteries included
  • Most powerful vibrator
  • Swivel and flush display protects settings
  • Easy to set function keys
  • Snooze setting
  • Travel case with pillow strap included
  • Easy to read display (0.75″)
  • Manually lighted display saves battery life

(12a) 2h 43m. James Bond uncovers a global threat to humanity orchestrated by a homicidal genius whose past embroils the woman he loves ★★★★ Empire/Guardian/Times

Note! 00:01 shows are USUALLY on the first minute of the day listed. So Thurs 00:01 is just after midnight on Wed! Double check with cinema! Please read this!

Ashbourne Co Meath Vue
Sun 03 Oct 14:00, Tue 05 Oct 17:45

Belfast Odeon
Thu 30 Sep 00:01, Thu 30 Sep 15:40, Fri 01 Oct 15:40, Sun 03 Oct 17:40, Tue 05 Oct 19:20, Thu 07 Oct 14:40

Blanchardstown Odeon
Thu 30 Sep 14:20, Thu 30 Sep 18:00, Fri 01 Oct 13:20, Sun 03 Oct 17:40, Mon 04 Oct 20:20, Thu 07 Oct 15:20

Cavan Odeon
Sun 03 Oct 12:00, Thu 07 Oct 20:00

Charlestown Odeon
Thu 30 Sep 00:30, Thu 30 Sep 17:20, Fri 01 Oct 14:20, Sun 03 Oct 18:20, Mon 04 Oct 20:20, Thu 07 Oct 15:20

Coolock Odeon
Thu 30 Sep 12:40, Thu 30 Sep 16:20, Fri 01 Oct 14:20, Sat 02 Oct 14:20, Sun 03 Oct 14:20, Thu 07 Oct 15:20

Dublin Point Square Odeon
Thu 30 Sep 16:00, Sun 03 Oct 18:00, Tue 05 Oct 20:20

Dublin Cineworld
Thu 30 Sep 17:00, Sun 03 Oct 14:00, Mon 04 Oct 17:40, Thu 07 Oct 17:40, Sun 10 Oct 14:00

Dublin Vue
Sun 03 Oct 15:00, Tue 05 Oct 18:30

Limerick Odeon
Thu 30 Sep 15:40, Fri 01 Oct 15:40, Sun 03 Oct 17:40, Mon 04 Oct 19:20, Thu 07 Oct 15:20

Naas Odeon
Sun 03 Oct 18:00, Mon 04 Oct 19:30, Thu 07 Oct 15:20

Newbridge Odeon
Thu 30 Sep 12:20, Sun 03 Oct 18:00, Mon 04 Oct 19:30, Thu 07 Oct 15:20

Portlaoise Odeon
Sun 03 Oct 18:00, Mon 04 Oct 19:30, Thu 07 Oct 15:20

Stillorgan Odeon
Thu 30 Sep 14:00, Sun 03 Oct 18:20, Mon 04 Oct 19:30, Wed 06 Oct 14:40

Waterford Odeon
Thu 30 Sep 15:40, Fri 01 Oct 15:40, Sun 03 Oct 17:40, Mon 04 Oct 19:20, Thu 07 Oct 15:20

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  • Optical audio input for brilliant stereo sound
  • Integrated microphone allows hearing the environment at the press of a button
  • Left / Right balance adjustment
  • With two batteries: A charged battery provides up to 5 hours of listening pleasure – integrated battery charging station
  • Stereo or mono Digital, interference-free radio transmission (2.4 GHz)