SoundSenses music education for the deaf project

My name is Orla O’Sullivan. I am trying to raise funding support from the Deaf and DeafBlind community to help me attend and showcase my work at the World Federation DeafBlind Conference in Spain from June 18th to the 29th.

I have been invited to the conference. The federation do not have funds available to help with the cost of attendence so I am asking for support.

The Anne Sullivan Centre has provided part funding towards the cost of attending WFDB in Spain next June.

I will be giving a presentation about my teaching methods there, and on how to improve access to music education for the deaf, and deaf-vision impaired children. I will also be giving a piano performance at the conference.

The WFDB are not paying me anything for giving a presentation and for giving the piano performance. They don’t have funding for that as they are a registered charity.

The Anne Sullivan Centre:
has generously pledged €1000 towards the cost. The full cost of attending the WFDB Conference is €2500. That is why I am looking for support to cover the costs of flights and accommodation.

Attending the conference is part of the SoundSenses campaign to bring music to the Deaf, DeafBlind, and other sensory impaired.

Your help and support by donation would be really appreciated.

You can donate online at the following GoFundMe link.

Please describe if your donation just for WFDB Conference costs or for the cost of development of the SoundSenses system, or equally for both.

We at Sound Senses really need your help to promote this campaign. With your help we can bring music to the deaf and the deaf-vision impaired in a way that has not been done before.

It will mean that the Deaf, the Deaf Vision Impaired, and other sensory impaired children, and adults too, will be able to study, appreciate, and perform music to the same high standard as their hearing peers.

The system is already operating in prototype at the Frankfield Music Studio. One Deaf pupil has passed her junior grade exam set by the Victoria College of Music, London. She is the first ever Deaf pupil to have achieved this distinction.

SoundSenses music teaching for the Deaf, the Deaf Vision Impaired and more, includes Sign language. This extra innovation makes it accessible. Put the two together and you give these pupils Equal Access, Equal Opportunity, Equal Results.

This SoundSenses project is an innovation, a revolution, with proven results. This has never been done before. This is a different way for these students to reach the same standard as the hearing peers.

Please spread the word to all the Deaf and Deaf Blind Associations in Ireland.
To donate online please go to the link:

See more about my story on my Facebook page.

Please read my biography at It will explain who I am and what I do and what I am trying to do. The link explains in detail my goals and how these goals, when achieved, will enhance the lives of the Deaf and DeafBlind community.

Our full target is €30,000 of which goes to Dolmen Innovation and Design. We have met and advised the Design Engineering Company, Dolmen. SoundSenses was examined and tested by Sean McNulty, Founder of Dolmen.

If you have any quires please do not hestitate to contact me at my website