Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Update 18.07.16


In last week’s update, we mentioned how the latest charity scandal with Console has impacted on our Street Collections recently.

Kerry’s Eye newspaper ran an article on this issue. We will share the article with you today. Our thanks to Michelle Breen Crean & Kerry’s Eye newspaper for covering this important issue.



A KERRY CHARITY was shocked on Friday to collect just 105 euro after a long day Street Collection, which they say is a direct hit arising from the recent Console scandal.

Kerry Deaf Resource Centre, who are based in Tralee but provide services throughout the county to their clients, say a normal day’s takings from Street Collections would bring approx. 1,000 euro into the service.

However, just a week after the Console scandal broke, Willie White, Manager of the Centre, says people just don’t trust charities anymore, with local charities being hit the hardest.

He said the bigger national charities need to be audited, not at a national level, but also a local level, and that their service does understand that there is a real fear and suspicion against every charity now.

“We are an independent service and we are getting the same suspicion” says Willie.

“We are as equally enraged with the recent scandals and feel the Government needs to do national as well as local audits for those organisations”.

He said that they regularly do collections in different locations throughout the county during the year and the funds help to keep the service running, such as paying a phone bill or electricity for the year. “Now people are directly asking how and where they’re spending the money”, he said.

“In the last 2 or 3 years, we’ve seen a big drop in income with each scandal. We understand there is a fear there and the level of questions people are asking & we welcome the questions. We are only too happy to tell them what we do with that funding”.

KDRC was set up in 1999 and receives just 89,000 euro in funding per year from the HSE to pay for the running of the Centre, pay 1 full time & 4-part time members, as well as their outreach service throughout the county.

The service has had no increase in funding for the last 10 years and that’s where he said the Street Collections came in handy.

“We do appreciate the help and support we get but the local collection is a vital income stream for our service” he said.



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