Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Update 30.05.11

Following on from the Queen’s visit last week US President Obama also showed
great Deaf awareness when he met members of the Irish Deaf community after
the concert held on College Green, Dublin. An ISL interpreter was in
attendance for the President’s speech.

US President Barack Obama gestures to the crowd after speaking in College Green. Photo: Getty Images


After the concert and his speech President Obama mingled with people in the
crowd including several Deaf people. The President was seen signing ‘thank
you’, and used the international sign ‘I love you’ to Deaf people there. The
photograph of the President signing ‘I love you’ was shown on newspapers and
television throughout the country, for example in the Irish Independent
newspaper: Click here to see the photo. One young Deaf girl was also
interviewed briefly on RTE television having got the President’s autograph.

For a transcript of President Obama’s speech and footage from the crowd, go

The CDA fashion show is on 10th June in Cork, and CDA staff busy making
final preparations. For those of you who will be travelling from outside
Cork, CDA has contacted the Silver Springs Hotel, where the fashion show is
on, and arranged a special package with them, as follows:

A single room with bed & breakfast, plus one ticket to the show: 75 euro
Two people sharing a double room, bed & breakfast, plus two tickets: 90 euro

If you are interested in going to the show and booking a room in Silver
Springs Hotel, please contact CDA on email: [email protected], fax: 021
4506190, tel: 021 4505944, text: 021 4506190. CDA staff will book the room
for you.

For those of you without tickets, you can buy or reserve a ticket from the
CDA office.

The IDYA is holding a free event to launch their new website. It will be on
31st May, from 8pm-10.30pm at the Dublin Deaf Association, Drumcondra Road,
Dublin. There will be special guests at the event, and tickets for the IDYA
ball (which is on in November) will be available on the night for the
special price of 40 euro compared to the standard price of 55 euro.

For more information about the see their facebook page:

Tallaght Deaf Club is arranging a weekend away to Killarney, Co. Kerry next
weekend (bank holiday weekend) from 3rd-6th June 2011. Activities are
subject to group decision & weather conditions permitting. Activities over
the weekend will include:

Tour around Muckross House & Garden;
Gap of Dunloe;
Kate Kearneys Cottage;
Trip on Killarney Lakes;
Cycle Trails;
Horse & Jaunting Cart;
Challenge up Ireland’s Highest Mountain – Carrantuohill.

For more information about the trip contact TDC at 0872944338 or
[email protected] or see their website:

Gloria Gay and Lesbian Choir will perform at the National Concert Hall on
11th June at 8pm. Prices for the Colours Concert are 25 euro, 20 euro, 15
euro / concessions are 22.50 euro, 18 euro, 13.50 euro. There will have two
signers at the performance. Please bring your friends and family to come
along and see the performance. Information about Gloria is on their website:

You can book a ticket online here: or tickets can be booked at
the National Concert Hall.

At the moment the Italian government is discussing the enactment of the
Italian Sign Language (LIS) bill. However, a proposal has been made to
rename Italian Sign Language as the language of mime and gesture (LMG), in
effect reducing and demeaning the status of Italian Sign Language. The
Italian Deaf community is horrified by this proposal and is protesting
against it.

It asked the global Deaf community to join the protests, resulting in
demonstrations at the Italian embassy in several cities including Dublin,
Belfast, London, Washington DC and Berlin. The Irish Deaf community supports
the Italian Deaf community in its rejection of this proposal.

The ramifications of this proposal may have a knock-on effect in other
countries. There are approx. 40,000 people using Irish Sign language here in
Ireland. Through the Irish Deaf Society and other Deaf organisations, the
Irish Deaf community is campaigning to have Irish Sign Language (ISL)
recognised as an official language here. Proposals to “rename” signed
languages as languages of gesture or mime goes against linguistic research,
which proves that signed languages are languages in the same way as spoken
languages, and EU recommendations for all member states to recognise their
signed languages.

In January of this year Viviane Reding, Vice-President of the European
Commission and EU Commissioner for Justice, Fundamental Rights and
Citizenship, stated: “European languages are an essential part of the
Europe’s unique cultural richness. Sign languages are an important part of
this ancient and precious European mosaic, and we want to recognize this.”

To sign a petition against this proposal go to:

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