Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Update 28.11.11

DEAFHEAR KILLARNEY- CANCER INFORMATION SESSIONS. is holding two information talks on cancer on Thursday December
1st. One talk will be for men and another for women.

Deafhear would like for men to meet in DeafHear office in Killarney at 10 o’
clock and the talk will start at 10.15. Ladies are requested to meet at
11.30 for their talk.

Lunch will be arranged once the talks are over. It will cost 5euro per
person. A Marie Keating Nurse will be available to speak to anyone at the
session. If you are interested in attending, you can send a text to 086

We just received great news from Stephen Monaghan about plans to build a
Deaf Centre in Ethiopia. Stephen said

“Hi, the good news is that we hope to begin building the Deaf Centre next
week. All the contracts are signed, the funds are transferred and we just
need a building permit from the Lord Mayor. I was in touch with the builder
and he told me that it will take approx 8 months to complete the first phase
of the building. However once the machinery gets on site, it will be
affirmation for the Deaf community that something definite is happening.
Thanks again to all who have supported the project and got it to this stage.
I hope to have a few photos of the building as it goes through the different
stages. Now its time to plan for phases 2 & 3”.

This is great news for all of us. We echo what Stephen said- thanks to
everyone who has supported us to date.

The Sign language Interpreting Service would like to inform you of their
Emergency out of hour’s service. If you wish to book a Sign language
Interpreter out of hours the emergency number is 087 6725179.

This is a restricted service due to the number of interpreters who are
qualified to provide medical and legal interpreting. However, best efforts
will be made to source an interpreter on your behalf.

Further information about SLIS is available by telephone at 01 4139670 or at

The free trial period of the Remote Interpreting Service (RIS) run by SLIS,
DeafHear & IDS has been extended until the end of December. They are still
taking bookings for this service, which runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays from
10am to 5pm (closed for lunch from 1pm to 2pm).

To make a booking contact Jennifer by email at [email protected], phone 01
413 9670 or by text on 087 980 6996. It’s a free service until the end of
December. A video clip is also available at

A message from Gerard Tyrell NCDP- The International Eucharistic Congress
will be held in Ireland in 2012. The organisers are hoping to have an
international Deaf gathering during those days at the IEC. At present, there
are 60 American Deaf booked in to come to this congress. This is an unique
international event and it would be good to have as many Deaf People to come
to the one week long events. As part of the programme, there will also be a
youth section. There will be Deaf speakers at this congress which is an
added opportunity for Deaf to participate and also will have cultural social
evenings. This is at a planning stage and we hope to have more confirmed
details later.

Gerard is also looking for volunteers and he would welcome those who could
make the time to be part of the preparation work.

The early registration (30th November) is coming to an end and the fee will
be go up by 10euro until May 2012. After this date, there will be only
on-site registration. For those wishing to stay in Dublin City University,
please do let Gerard know if you wish to avail of this, as there is only a
limited number available. For more information, contact Gerard tel: 01 8305
744/ Mob: 087 940 0333/ Website:

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