Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Update 28.03.11

ERA has produced a Roadmap book “A Strengthened Equality and Human Rights
Infrastructure in Ireland”. On the inside cover of the book, it lists the
organisation who endorsed it. We were delighted to see that our service is
listed there. Niall Crowley, former CEO of the Equality Authority, authored
the roadmap. It also lists key recommendations for equality in Ireland in
the areas of Laws, Institutions, Policy Instruments and Policy Strategies.

This is an important document and a valuable resource for those of us who
are committed to equal rights in Ireland. For more information on the ERA
campaign, go to or email [email protected]

We have just started a Book and Gift Club in our Tralee office. Bullseye
Book Club will bring a range of books and gifts for sale to our office every
couple of weeks. These will be on display in our office for approx one week.
This week we have a range of products:

Search and Find puzzle book 6 euro.
4 Book Nursery Rhyme Set 8 euro.
Light Up Bathtime Ducks 6 euro.
Windscreen Wonder cleaning pad 7 euro.
4 Way Plug 4 euro.
Cozy laptop workstation 12 euro.
Handcrafted Cards 15 euro.
Set of Cake Tins 10 euro.
Quick & Easy Cakes & Cookies book 6 euro.
Cupcake Kit Book with silicone moulds 8 euro.
Ballerina Jewelry Box 7 euro.
Silicone Baking Sheet 5 euro.
Cupcakes from Primrose Bakery book 7 euro.
Question & Answer Book 8 euro.

We are looking for a person to represent our service at the IDS National
Council meetings. The next meeting will be held on the 21st of May at 11am
in the Dublin Deaf Club. These meetings are an opportunity to learn of
issues that are relevant to the Irish Deaf community. In the past meeting
have looked at issues such as the new Deaf village in Dublin, Fundraising,
Sign Language Recognition, Political Lobbying, and the Ryan Report on
Institutional Abuse. This is a big year too for the IDS as they celebrate
their 30th anniversary. A Gala Ball will also be held on the 18th of June
along with other exciting events.

If you would like to represent our service at these meetings, contact us for
further details.

The 2011 Census will be held on the 10th of April. In the Census form on
page 15 it will say “Do you speak a language other than English or Irish at
home? What is the language?” Underneath, write down in full IRISH SIGN

This will enable the Government to see how many sign language users there
are in Ireland? Make sure to fill this section in whether to live alone or
in shared accommodation.

For more information on this, go to and see John Bosco Conama giving
clear instructions on how this section can be filled in by sign language
users in Ireland.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Aileen and Enda Curtayne and their
extended family, friends and neighbours. Their lovely son Eanna passed away
this week.

Eanna and his twin brother Darren won Supporter of the Year Awards for all
their volunteer work with us. They gave great support to their father when
he organised Golf Classics for our service. They also helped out at our
annual Christmas parties. They attended so many of our events and we always
appreciated everything they did for us.

Eanna’s sister Aisling is Deaf. His mother Aileen worked with us for a
number of years as a sign language interpreter and later as a family
supporter worker. A number of years ago, she began working with Deafhear in
Killarney and trained to be a social worker for the Deaf.

It is a sad loss for their family especially when Eanna was so young and had
so much to offer to the world. We are thinking of Eanna and all his family
and friends at this time. May Eanna rest in peace.

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