Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Update 25.07.11

Cork Deaf Drama, Spirit of Sign, will have its 5th anniversary celebrations
on 19th November in Metropole Hotel, MacCurtain St, Cork from 1–6pm and
7pm–1am. There will be exhibitions in the afternoon and a social night with
DJ. Tickets are 20 euro, with 10 euro non-refundable deposit. Please text
Catherine Landers: 0876112287 or Anthony White: 0861266213 for tickets
before 28th October.

At the World Federation of the Deaf congress held in Durban, South Africa,
earlier this month the decision of who will host for the next WFD congress
in four years’ time was announced. There were three candidate cities:
Berlin, Mexico City and Istanbul. In the finish the winner was Istanbul,
Turkey. The theme of the congress has not been announced yet. For more
information about Istanbul’s candidacy, have a look at the website:

The 7th European Deaf Football Championship was held in Demark, and the
Irish Deaf team participated, flying the flag again for their country. They
lost their first game 0-1 on Tuesday June 28th against Russia. After that
disappointment, they fought hard during their next game versus Belgium, to
win 2-1. The next game saw them face the host team, Denmark, which they won
by a close 3-2. However they were prematurely knocked out against our
neighbours Great Britain, drawing 2-2 to full time, and losing 4-2 after
added time. They seeded seventh in the final placing of the tournament, and
hope to beat that during their next tournament.

Miss Deaf World was held in Prague from 1st-11th July. The winner was 20
year-old Ilaria Galbusera from Italy. Second place went to 17 year-old
Russian Elena Korchagina, and third to 27 year-old Indonesian Dian
Inggravati Soebangil.

After being inspired by numerous deaf fan-made video responses posted on
Youtube, Lady Gaga has expressed an interest in learning American Sign
Language, and has already booked an ASL tutor. She hopes to soon respond to
the videos online, and to also include sign Language in her future live
performances. For more on this story see

Deafhear has produced a new factsheet which outlines the importance of
communication for a deaf or hard of hearing child’s development. It provides
ideas and guidance for supporting the development of your child’s
communication skills through everyday activities such as play, mealtimes and
daily routines. The factsheet provides tips for ensuring the home
environment is designed to help your child develop good communication
skills. For more information, go to

Deafhear has also produced a factsheet which provides information on the
“communication options and opportunities” available to deaf and hard of
hearing children and their families. It should be read in conjunction with
the factsheet “Communication and Your Child”. For more information, go to
their Parent’s Corner

Specsavers are now selling new generation earplugs. They claim that the
earplugs effectively cut out unpleasant background noise without blocking
out the sounds you want to hear, such as speech and music. They are
available from Specsavers Hearing Centres in variants designed for use in
specific environments:
FlyFit: protect ears during long flights, easing pressure during take-off
and landing (20 euro);
SwimSafe: prevent water entering your ears while allowing you to hear
ambient sounds (20 euro).
PartyPlug: for concerts and nightclubs, block excessive noise while allowing
you to hear the music clearly (20 euro).
SleepSoft: block noise from traffic and snoring etc. while allowing you to
hear high frequency sounds like alarm clocks, doorbells and babies crying
(20 euro).
WorkSafe: eliminate dangerous noises from DIY equipment while speech, radio
and the environment remain clearly audible (20 euro).
MusicSoft: designed for professionals exposed to loud music regularly. They
attenuate damaging frequencies without compromising on music quality (25
MotoSoft: protects from engine and wind noise damage on you hearing, but
allows you to hear and communicate clearly (28 euro).

We would like to extend our sympathies to the family of a great friend and
supporter of our service, Patrick Lyons from Dromartin, Ballyduff. Patrick
had a great sense of humour and was a true gentleman. He will be missed by
all of us who knew him.

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