Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Update 24.02.14

The Irish Independent featured a fascinating article recently on ‘How Deaf
People Can Teach Us Effective Communication’? The article looked at research
carried out by Dr. Bruno Kahne and was written by John Cradden.

Learning how to communicate more like a deaf person could improve your
listening skills and make yourself heard better at work, according to
international business consultant and coach Dr Bruno Kahne.

But what makes deaf people more effective communicators? One example, says
Dr Kahne, is that deaf people talk one at a time, in a very sequential
manner, while hearing people talk all at the same time, and often interrupt
one another.

Another example is that during conversations, deaf people tend to “stay
focused on the interaction, while hearing people disconnect regularly”.

Hearing people also rarely ask others to repeat things they have said, and
never say when they don’t understand something. In deaf culture, Dr Kahne
says, “deaf people constantly reformulate and check their understanding,
saying when they don’t understand”.

“Deaf people are not deaf when they are together, only when they are in
contact with hearing people,” he said, and adds that they are better
communicators, “passing messages much faster and more precisely than any
hearing person”.

To read the full article, go to


On the 27th of April, CODA (Children of Deaf Adults) UK and Ireland will be
hosting its fifth conference in London. The theme of the conference is “Are
you CODA Aware”?

It promises to be an informative conference. Catherine White from Co. Kerry
will give the background & history of CODAs. There will be a number of
workshops on ‘CODAs as Interpreters’ and ‘Children in Schools’. There will
also be volunteer awards and a networking lunch with guest speaker Professor
Jemina Napier author of: Sign Language Brokering: A survey of hearing and
Deaf Codas.

The event will be held in the Grand Connaught Rooms, London from 9.30-5pm.
There is no fee for the event. However, places are limited. For more
information and bookings, email: [email protected]

The World Association of Sign Language Interpreters international conference
will be held in Istanbul, Turkey from July 22 to 25, 2015. The theme for
their conference is: “Human Rights: Where do Interpreters Fit in?”

There will be two days of professional development, which will begin with
special keynote presentations. Robert Adam and Dr. Christopher Stone will
lead one of the days, followed the next day by Liz Scott Gibson and Markku

More information on WASLI and the conference is available at

The XVII World Congress of the World Federation of the Deaf will also take
place in Istanbul, Turkey from 28 July – 2 August, 2015. Events of this XVII
World Congress surround the theme, “Strengthening Human Diversity”.

The WFD General Assembly will also take place on 26 – 27 July 2015 prior to
the World Congress.

The congress aims to promote deaf people as a part of the global human
diversity and to strengthen human diversity in the global deaf community.
Lectures, workshops, panel discussions, meetings, booth presentations and
entertainment as well are a part of this event.

Many deaf people including, children, youths, senior citizens, indigenous
deaf people, LGBTs, CODAs, deafblind and deaf people with disabilities from
around the world attend the XVII World Congress of the World Federation of
the Deaf to empower themselves, to meet with experts for new ideas and to
exchange international opportunities with old and new friends.

The Turkish National Federation of the Deaf (TNFD) host of the event
welcomes the international deaf community to Istanbul. For more information
go to this link:

KDRC provides services to Deaf and hard of hearing people at county level
and contributes to national issues of equality, access and rights.


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