Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Update 23.07.12

We have just received an update on the Ethiopia Deaf Project, which we have been involved in for the past 2 years. It comes from Fr. Stephen Monaghan who originally identified the need for a Deaf Centre in Ambo, Ethiopia.

Stephen says “Hi Everyone, just posting a few up to date photos of the ALDC
school. They are making great progress and it’s hoped that the building will
be complete at the end of August. I have also managed to secure additional
funding for the building of a play/sports ground next to the school. I am
hoping all the necessary paper work will be completed soon to allow the
builders get on with this part of the plan. Despite the fact that this will
delay the opening of the school, it will mean that the school facility will
be greatly enhanced for the children.

Once complete the school will welcome children from grades 5-8 (10yr-14yr).
The children will graduate to ALDC from the local government school and be
facilitated to complete their education through total communication. This is
the first time this option has been available to them.

I know its not ‘Deaf Village Ireland’ which is looking wonderful, but its a
significant development in the lives of the Deaf community in Ambo.
Congratulations and thanks to all who have helped it progress this far.
Thanks also to Misean Cara for the additional funding for the playground. I
am hoping to have even more up to date photos next week with the return of
some more volunteers. You can see one or two of the lads from St. Paul’s
College, a Vincentian School in Dublin who were in Ambo and who worked on
the building site each day. The Lads from Castleknock College were involved
in the building as well. I am not altogether sure when the official opening
will be. But I will keep you posted. In the mean time enjoy the few images
of the school as it progresses”

We echo what Stephen says- a huge thank you to everyone who has supported
the project to date. Its great to think that even in a recession, we can
contribute to the development of a Deaf school in Ethiopia. This is a
life-changing project and will have major positive changes for the Deaf
community in Ambo.

If you would like to see photos and further updates, go to

The past 18 months has been a very difficult time for our service- funding
cuts, staff redundancies & clients requiring further supports within limited

On a positive, the feedback from clients and supporters continues to be high
and very positive. We would like to share some feedback we received
recently. These come from students and academics that contacted us for
support with their studies and research. Working with students, academics
and researchers is an important part of our service. It increases awareness
of our service and supports. It is an opportunity to highlight the rights of
the Deaf and hard of hearing community. It also contributes to further
research and policies, which in turn will benefit our community.

Gill Harold has just completed her PhD thesis and VIVA and she says “I would
like to say a massive and most sincere thank you for the tremendous support
you have given to me since I began my research. I am so grateful and feel
very lucky to have been introduced to you. You have always been so
encouraging, helping me out in so many ways – with organising times, venues
for interviews, taking such a genuine interest and always inspiring me to
think about the decision and actions I’ve taken in this research. There have
been many challenges since I began, but every time I’ve been fortunate to
meet with you, your integrity and passion for equality and access have
reminded me of the worhtwhileness of the research, something which has
spurred me on at times when I needed it most.

Without doubt, one of the best things about doing this research has been
getting to meet you and learning all about the great work being done at
KDRC. I truly look forward to keeping in close contact with you all. Thanks
for everything”.

Megan Winter, Susan O’Sullivan, Norma Maher, Ealish Whillock, & Abbi
Sheridan, Social Care Degree students in the Institute of Technology write
“We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for taking time out of
your busy schedule to discuss the Kerry Deaf Resource Centre with us. It was
very interesting and enlightening and gave all of us a wonderful and
educated insight into what you do at the Centre.

We especially appreciate the information and advice you have provided and
your assistance has been invaluable to us during this process. We also look
forward to recommending the services provided by the Kerry Deaf Resource
Centre and liaising with you in the future”.

Grainne Keane of University College Cork says “Hello to all. Thank you & you
all for your help with my research project. I appreciate the kindness you
all showed me. Take care & Thank you.

We are very grateful for this feedback. This would not be possible without
the continued hard work and support from our staff members. A huge thank you
to all concerned.

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