Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Update 23.04.12

We’ve have just got an update on the building work of a Deaf Centre in Ethiopia. Stephen Monaghan has just flown home after a week visiting Ambo. According to Stephen, building work is progressing very well. There are four classrooms, a library, two offices, an Audiology room, staff room, storeroom, four toilets and two showers.

On behalf of the Vincentian Lay Missionaries, the Deaf community in Ambo and
team of us who flew out to Ethiopia to do training workshops and a need
assessment, we would like to thank everyone who has supported the project to
date. We are thrilled with the progress and hope to have the Deaf Centre
completed by the end of June/early July.

Were you a participant with us in the ITT sports, adventure activities and
gym sessions from Sept to Dec and again in Jan to April? If so, you are
invited to attend an Awards night as part of the ITT’s APA Awards night.

It will take place this Thursday (26th April) in the Meadowlands hotel from
6pm. To make sure we have everyone’s names, please confirm with us which
sessions you participated in? Our thanks to the ITT Sports & Leisure Dept
for all their hard work and for ensuring members from the Deaf community
were able to participate in all the events.

SLAI will hold an Open Forum on Saturday 9th June in Dublin Deaf
Association, Drumcondra Road, Dublin 9. The meeting will be held from 9.30am
till 4.30pm.
The aim of the forum is to review work to date and discuss strategic
developments for the future of SLAI. This meeting would be of interest to
sign language tutors in Co. Kerry and across Ireland.

In their announcement, SLAI says ‘your presence will be valued and much
appreciated’. If you would like a copy of the programme and registration
form, contact SLAI or we can send you a copy.

The former MP Lord Jack Ashley passed away this week. After becoming
completely deaf at the age of 45, Lord Ashley realised from sitting at the
Houses of Parliament how isolating deafness could be and relied on his wife
to repeat all the words spoken in the chamber.

It was through this experience that he campaigned throughout his long career
for better legislation for people who are deaf or disabled, and firmly
believed in equality for all. He also paved the way for many Deaf people to
enter political life. It was also a result of this that he successfully
campaigned to have live captioning on television.

He was the President of RNID (now known as Action on Hearing Loss) since
1987 and had many notable achievements. CEO Jackie Ballard said: ‘Jack was a
great role model to anyone with hearing loss. He was such a gentleman, very
kind and very giving. He had a brilliant career before and after losing his
hearing. But he wasn’t just a supporter of the deaf; he was a champion for
people of all disabilities. ‘Jack never stopped working for what he believed
in right up until his death and would always speak up on behalf of people
who are deaf or disabled. He was a tireless campaigner and there are many
people in this country who have a lot to thank him for.’

We would like to thank a group of volunteers who carried out a Church
Collection for our service over the weekend. We would also like to thank
Listowel Church and its parishioners for their generosity.

The collection brought in 984.01 euro. This will make a huge difference to
our service in light of funding cuts again from the HSE which has reduced
our annual funding to a mere 91,000 euro.

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