Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Update 20.06.11

The HSE recently published a new interpreting policy, called “On Speaking
Terms”. The policy includes provision for Deaf sign language users.

The policy outlines HSE staff responsibilities in relation to providing
interpreters as follows: “Staff should let patients know that they have the
right to an interpreter to assist in communication. It should be made clear
that there is no cost to the patient and that staff will arrange for the
interpreter (the patient does not have to do this).”

“It is the responsibility of every staff member providing care to patients
to assess their level of understanding and ability to communicate.”

“Staff within the confines of their own profession, who feel they can
communicate effectively in another language, may directly converse with
their own patients who have limited English proficiency and/or who are Deaf,
for general conversation such as greetings, informing patients of any
delays, explaining any administrative problems relating to their
appointment, gaining information in an emergency situation. However, staff
should not be asked to interpret in clinical situations.”

A copy of the policy can be downloaded here:

An open meeting of the Deaf Community and Deaf organisations regarding the
development of the Deaf Village/Centre Project in Cabra in Dublin will be
held on Saturday 2nd of July in St. Vincent’s Centre beginning at 8.15pm.

The meeting will discuss the following topics:
Update on the Village Project and plans.
Management Company to run Village/ Centre.
Name and logo of Village/Centre.
Question and Answer Open Forum.

Many of you will have had the pleasure of working with Suzanne Carey over
the past number of years in Kerry. Suzanne has worked with us as a sign
language interpreter and advocate in house, and as an interpreter in the
Inst. of Technology, Tralee.

Suzanne will be moving to Cork shortly. We would like to thank Suzanne for
her commitment and hard work over the years. She has been a strong supporter
of Deaf issues locally and nationally. She has been a fantastic resource to
our service and to the Deaf community in Kerry.

We will miss her immensely. Kerry’s loss will certainly be Cork’s gain.

Suzanne will continue to work as a freelance interpreter so we will continue
to work with her when she relocates to Cork.

We’d like to extend our best wishes to Veronica White, a long time supporter
and well-known person in the Deaf community. Veronica is celebrating her
40th birthday this month. We’d like to wish her a very happy birthday. We’d
also like to thank her for her hard work and commitment to Deaf issues over
the years.

Just to give everyone advance notice, we will close for annual leave for the
month of August.

In the meantime, please feel free to make an appointment with us if you have
any Deaf related queries, or queries on rights/entitlements, advice on
equipment or hearing aids/hearing aid batteries etc.

If you require a sign language interpreter during our annual leave, please
contact the Sign Language Interpreting Service at

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