Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Update 19.09.11

Deafhear in Killarney will hold an 8-week Hearing Help course shortly. The
course will cover topics such as:

What is hearing loss?
Managing with hearing aids.
What is Tinnitus?
Benefits of lip-reading and listening skills.
Coping with communication problems at home, at work and on social occasions.

The training will be held in the Shanakill Family Resource Centre,
Monavalley, Tralee. It will run from the 7th of Oct-25th Nov from 2-2.30pm.
Each session will cost 6 euro. For further details please contact: – Sally
Harvest: 086 246 4640.

Hands On are doing research for a piece they are doing about Deaf and hard
of hearing people who work, or have worked, in the service industry – maybe
in a restaurant, a cafe, a pub, or something similar.

They want to ask people some questions about their experiences such as:
Are the other staff and the customers Deaf-aware?
What could be done to make working in this industry better for Deaf and hard
of hearing people?
How is communication with other staff and customers, are there any

If there’s anyone out there who would like to share their experiences with
them, email Fran at [email protected].

Famous pop star Lady Gaga has revealed that she is taking sign language
lessons to learn to communicate with her Deaf fans. The artist has been
inspired to take up American Sing Language after watching videos of her Deaf
fans signing along to her songs on Youtube.

It is reported that the star wants to be able to include signing in future
live tours.

In a recent National Deaf Children’s Society newsletter, the NDCS say its
delighted that her music and concerts could be made accessible to young Deaf
people. Many of her songs tap into the experiences that many Deaf people
share such as bullying and feeling different to other children but Lady Gaga
channels these in a positive way.

EmployAbility Service is a free, confidential service, supported by FAS.
They provide support to individuals with a disability to secure and maintain
paid employment in the open labour market, leading to independence and
career progression.

The EmployAbility Jobseeking Fair 2011 is aimed at providing both graduates
and non-graduates with professional advice and information on all aspects of
sourcing and securing suitable employment.

A sign language interpreter will be provided at the event. It will be held
in Wood Quay Venue (at rear of Dublin City Council Offices, Dublin
8.) To book a place at the seminars ‘CV & Interview Preparation’ and ‘Social
Welfare Entitlements’ & ‘Return to Employment’, e-mail [email protected]

Alternately, feel free to drop by for general information & advice
throughout the day from 10am – 2pm.

If you are based in Kerry and unable to attend the event and would like
regular emails with job vacancies, please send us your email details. We
receive regular updates from the Local Employment Service and can forward
these onto local jobseekers.

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