It has been reported that millions of passengers have been affected by the
recent flight cancellations in Europe. It is highly likely that Deaf and
hard of hearing passengers have been affected too. Many of these people may
not have been able to access information on their rights if the flights have
been affected. There is a European Regulation (EC) No. 261/2004 that
outlines your rights if flights are cancelled. For more information, you can
go to or you can e-mail [email protected]

In a recent article, it featured an article entitled “What
are your rights if your flight is cancelled”?

Passengers whose flights have been cancelled as a result of the volcanic ash
cloud currently passing over Europe must be given a choice between rerouting
to their final destination or a full refund under European regulations.

If consumers choose to re-route instead of applying for a refund, airlines
have to offer an alternative flight to the final destination at the earliest
opportunity or at a later date of the intending passenger’s choice subject
to the availability of seats.

The airlines must also offer meals, refreshments and hotel accommodation
where a stay of one or more nights is necessary. If an airline offers a
flight to an alternative airport they must bear the cost of transferring you
from that alternative airport to the one in your reservation or to another
close-by destination agreed with you.

“In realty many airlines do not provide these things as a matter of course,”
Caroline Curneen of the European Consumer Centre in Dublin told The Irish
Times. She advised anyone who has been affected by this morning’s
cancellations to keep all receipts for expenses incurred as a result and to
submit a claim in writing, enclosing copies of all the receipts directly to
the airline in question. If the airline does not respond within ten working
days passengers should make a complaint to the Commission for Aviation

She also said all passengers who have been negatively affected by the
cancellations should be informed in writing of their rights. The regulator
will then raise the matter directly with the airline, and if it is satisfied
that an infringement has occurred, it will consider a prosecution.

If intending passengers choose a refund instead of rerouting, the airline
can immediately discontinue the provision of care. However, if the journey
no longer serves its intended purpose as a result of the cancellation of a
connecting flight, you are also entitled to a free flight back to your
original departure point, as well as the refund for the part of the journey
already made. In such a case, the air carrier may not decline the
passenger’s right to care.

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