Staff with a range of disabilities may soon be behind the bar pulling pints
and mixing cocktails as part of the first-of its kind initiative planned by
a Ballymun-based organisation. Hand on Heart Enterprises is a non-profit
organisation that was first established in Ballymun six months ago with the
aim of creating and promoting employment for disabled people through
innovative business ideas.

Over recent weeks, the team at Hand on Heart has been inviting people with
disabilities to training events in Ballymun Industrial Estate to help assess
the adaptations needed for people with disabilities in a working

The first bar events will be starting in the Axis Centre from mid October.
Deaf and blind people working behind the bar will be able to communicate
through handheld iPads and gestures.

Caroline Mc Grotty, a Deaf person from Glasnevin who works with Hand on
Heart says “A lot of people who I know that are Deaf that have worked in
bars and cafes but always behind the scenes, doing the washing up, cleaning
or changing barrels for instance,” she explained.

“They very rarely work front of house, serving people or taking orders. With
the café and bar idea, putting people with disabilities on the forefront is
a big step and a step in which I hope other businesses will take notice.”
For more information on the new bar, go to

The Irish Deaf Sports Assoc (IDSA) would like to inform Deaf people about
Inclusive Supporters Club in the new AVIVA Stadiums. An idea was floated by
the Football Assoc of Ireland around a concept of a supporters’
club/association for fans with disabilities. FAI aim is to bring the Irish
football experience to all fans in world class accessible stadium
representing its members views, issues and concerns of Irish fans with
disabilities. More information can be found on link:

To join membership:
Application forms for membership is available on FAI website, There are two options of
1) Full Member, fan with disability
2) Associate member, able bodied fan who must join with a full member
(relation, friend etc)

Full Member will be asked on the form if they want to avil of the
opportunity to puchase a season ticket. There are 2 options, to buy a season
ticket or block booking. More detail can be found on link (membership &
ticket section):

There are 330 ticket available and it first serve come. Remember it not just
for Deaf/HOH only as it open to other disabilities. So, if you want to buy
ticket, fill out the application forms ASAP. Once you filled the form,
please allow few workdays before FAI will get in touch with you.

Please note: For Andorra game, if you want to go the match, please use block
booking option because there is minor technical problem with Season Ticket
now but that will be sort out before or after Andorra match.

The IDSA will not accept any responsibility with application forms or

Caroline Mc Grotty has informed us that the Irish Deaf Youth Assoc (IDYA)
are registered under the European Voluntary Service (EVS) programme. The
IDYA is allowed to send members to other European countries to work
voluntary for a period of 6 or 12 months. The person who is sent has their
training, accommodation, flights and food all paid for, they even get a bit
of pocket money too to spend on their own things. The work is of a voluntary
Recently they have been contacted by the EFFETA which is an institution for
Deaf and hard of hearing people in Slovakia. They are looking for youths
from Ireland who are Deaf of hard of hearing to participate in their EVS
programme from the 2nd February 2011. More information on the Association is
available at –

NOTE: you must be between 18 and 25 to participate in this programme. If you
are interested or know of anyone who will be interested, send an e-mail to
Kathy at [email protected]

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