Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Update 18.06.12

We would like to extend a very warm welcome home to April Drew who has
abroad for approx 8 years. Prior to this April worked as a sign language
interpreter in Co. Kerry and was well known in the Deaf community.

April is re-locating to Limerick and is available again for sign language
interpreting work. During her time abroad, April continued to interpret for
Irish Deaf people in the NY area. She also worked as an au pair, in the
restaurant trade, journalism and finally the Editor of an Irish newspaper
and brings this wealth of experience back to Ireland with her. She has since
married and has two children and her husband hails originally from the
Limerick region.

While she will be based in Limerick, we are fortunate that she is willing to
commute to Kerry for occasional work. As soon as she settles into her new
abode, she will make contact with Deaf related services and hopefully you
will see her interpreting at Deaf related events shortly.

We would like to wish a group of UK and Irish CODA’s well at an upcoming
informal get-together in Co. Cork this weekend. CODA stands for Children of
Deaf Adults. CODA’s have a unique linguistic and cultural experience as they
grow up in both the Deaf and hearing communities and come together to share
this unique background. This event is for CODA’s over 18 years of age. This
is a follow on from a successful CODA event in Duke’s Barn in the UK a
number of years ago. In addition, some of the participants went to CODA
Berlin. A number of CODA’s from Kerry will attend the weekend activities and
we wish them well and hope they all have a good reunion. More information is
available on Facebook- look for CODA Ireland (Hearing Children of Deaf

├Źde O’ Sullivan is an Irish student and currently completing her Masters
Degree in the area of music education for people with special needs at the
University of Roehampton, London. For her final dissertation, she has chosen
to research the area of music in the lives of the Deaf. The research on this
topic is limited and very outdated. On top of that, existing literature
seems to be written by members of the Hearing Community without any input
from the Deaf Community and this is very evident when reading it.

For her dissertation, she is aiming to get input from the Deaf on this topic
and use this information to understand more about their experiences with
music and opinions on its place in their lives. Below is a link to an online
survey that Ide is distributing to Deaf Associations across the USA, UK and
Ireland. She is looking for hard-of-hearing/deaf participants who are aged
18+ and were either born deaf or experienced hearing loss before the age of

If you have any questions or would like more information about this
research, please email: You can also
contact her dissertation supervisor, Adam Ockelford at:
[email protected]

The Irish Deaf Camping and Caravanning group is going from strength to
strength and are organising get-togethers for people who like to go camping
or to caravan parks. The next camping weekend will be held in Redcross from
the 13th to 15th of July. If you are keen to join the group or want further
information, check out their facebook page or email

We would like to give all our clients advance notice of our upcoming annual
leave in August. We will close from the 1st of August to the 31st of August
(inclusive). If you require interpreting access for medical or legal
emergencies during this time, freelance interpreters may be available by
contacting the national Sign Language Interpreting Service (SLIS) at

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