Kerry Deaf Resource Centre Update 18.04.11

Veronica White of the National Chaplaincy for Deaf People would like to
inform everyone of an upcoming Prism Mass. It will be held this Thursday,
21st of April in the Cathedral of St. Mary and St. Anne in Cork at 10am.
Veronica will be interpreting the Mass. The Cathedral is also known locally
as the North Chapel and is located at the top of Shandon Street.

Funderland is the largest travelling theme park in the Europe. It opens up
in Cork this week. On the 28th of April, it will offer free tickets to
people from the Deaf community from 10.30am to 1pm.

The park will feature up to five roller coasters, two giant ferris wheels,
and as many as fifteen different thrilling attractions. There are always a
host of attractions that are sure to appease even the most seasoned thrill
seekers who dare to be suspended upside down, turned over or whisked through
the air.

If you are interested in attending, contact Susan O’Callaghan in the Cork
Deaf Association by email [email protected] or by fax (021) 4506190 or tel:
(021) 4505944.

On the 14th of May, the Mid West Deaf Association will organise a cycling
event in Killarney. Later that evening, a social night will be planned in
Killarney. They would like to meet with members of our service during their
time in Kerry. If you are interested in joining the cycling tour or the
social night, please let us know and we will inform MWDA.

The national Sign Language Interpreting Service has successfully recruited a
new Manager. Elfrieda Carroll has been recruited to replace Cora Pollard,
who is resuming her post in the Citizens Information Board (CIB). Cora was
seconded to from the Citizens Information Board to manage the services of

Elfrieda was well known in the Deaf community when she worked with Irish
Sign Link in the past.  She will take up her position in May.

KDRC would like to wish Cora all the best when she returns to CIB. We would
like to offer our best wishes and congrats to Elfrieda with her new
position. For more information on SLIS, go to

Cork University Maternity Hospital has been selected as the first hospital
in Ireland to implement the universal Newborn Hearing Screening programme.
From the end of April the parents of all babies born in the hospital will be
offered a hearing test prior to discharge.

One to two babies in every 1,000 are born with a hearing loss in one or both
ears. Most babies born with a hearing loss are born into families with no
history of hearing loss.

The Newborn Hearing Screening Programme aims to identify moderate, severe or
profound hearing loss as soon as possible after birth to give babies a
better ‘life chance’ of developing speech and language skills and of making
the most of social and emotional interaction from an early age.

The hearing screen will be carried out by a trained hearing screener while
the baby is settled or in natural sleep at the mother’s bedside in the
maternity hospital. The programme uses two non-invasive methods to screen
the hearing of newborns; Automated Otoacoustic Emissions (AOAEs) and
Automated Auditory Brainstem Responses (AABRs). Neither test causes any
discomfort to the baby.

Any baby who does not have a clear response from the screen will be seen for
a full audiological assessment at our Audiology Clinic in Cork University
Hospital shortly after discharge.  The referral rate from the screen to the
Audiology Clinic will be approximately 2-4%.

Further information on the HSE’s Newborn Hearing Screening will be available
on our website once the programme commences.

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